Research Report Series (ISSN: 1174-2011)

Some of these reports are available online - just click on the 'download' link under the report you are interested in. To obtain any of the other reports, contact one of the MSOR-based authors directly (links to authors' homepages are included) or request a copy of the relevant report from the School Office.

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20-1 Chen, Zezhun; Dassios, Angelos; Kuan, Valerie; Lim, Jia Wei; Qu, Yan; Surya, Budhi; Zhao, Hongbiao A Two-Phase Dynamic Contagion Model for COVID-19 pdf

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19-1 Khmaladze, Estate Distribution free testing for linear regression. Extension to general parametric regression pdf

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18-1 Sarah Marshall, Richard Arnold, Stefanka Chukova and Yu Hayakawa Warranty Cost Analysis with an Alternating Geometric Process pdf
18-2 Yuichi Hirose, Richard Arnold and Daniel Fernandez Estimation of the population total in Dual Frames Survey pdf

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16-1 Yuichi Hirose Statistical generalized differentiation and asymptotic normality of estimator in a mixture of semiparametric models


16-2 Estate Khmaladze Fold-up derivatives of set-valued functions and the change-set problem



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14-1 Thuong Nguyen New approach to distribution free tests in contingency tables pdf
14-2 Nedialko B. Dimitrov, Stanko Dimitrov, Stefanka Chukova Robust Decomposable Markov Decision Processes Motivated by Allocating School Budgets pdf
14-3 Daniel Fernandez, Richard Arnold, Shirley Pledger Introducing Spaced Mosaic Plots pdf

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13-1 Nokuthaba Sibanda Graphical-model based O/E control chart for monitoring multiple outcomes from a multi-stage healthcare procedure pdf

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12-1 Stefanka Chukova, Leda Minkova Polya - Aeppli of order k Risk Model pdf
12-2 Stefanka Chukova, Leda Minkova Characterization of the Polya - Aeppli process pdf
12-3 Thomas Suesse and Ivy Liu Modelling strategies for repeated multiple response data pdf

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11-1 Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson and John Haywood ZAR Models: Improved Long Range Forecasting pdf
11-2 Barnaby J. Dixson, John Haywood, Philip J. Lester and Diane K. Ormsby Time series analysis shows no influence of ambient temperature on the human sex ratio at birth in New Zealand pdf
11-3 Yuichi Hirose, Jean-Marie Aubry On differentiability of implicitly defined function in semi-parametric profile likelihood estimation pdf
11-4 Jean-Marie Aubry, Yuichi Hirose Nonparametric likelihood maximization for missing values models pdf
11-5 Deborah Crook, Peter Donelan Polynomial Invariants and SAGBI Bases for Multi-screws pdf
11-6 Yuichi Hirose Profile Likelihood Information Criteria for Parametric and Semiparametric Models pdf

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10-1 Yuichi Hirose Efficiency of Profile/Partial Likelihood in the Cox Model pdf or ps
10-2 Thomas Suesse and Ivy Liu Local Odds Ratio Estimation for Stratified Contingency Tables with Multiple Responses pdf
10-3 Thomas Suesse and Ivy Liu Modelling Strategies for Repeated Multiple Response Data pdf
10-4 Simon Anastasiadis and Stefanka Chukova Dependencies in Insurance Modeling: An Overview pdf

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09-1 Muhammad Fainan Hanif, Pawel Dmochowski, Mansoor Shafi and Peter J. Smith Aggregate Interference Statistics of Cognitive Radio Systems in Shadowing Environments  
09-2 Yuichi Hirose and Alan Lee Reparametrization of the Least Favorable Submodel in Semi-Parametric Multi-Sample Models pdf
09-3 Estate Khmaladze Diversity of responses in questionnaires and similar objects pdf
09-4 Philip J. Lester, Lloyd D. Stringer, John Haywood Dominants, subordinates and subdominants: how the distribution of resources can influence the co-occurrence of ant species pdf
09-5 Shirley Pledger and Shane W. Geange Niche Overlap: A unified definition and analysis for data of different types pdf
09-6 Estate Khmaladze, John Haywood and Ray Brownrigg Memoryless reigns of the 'Sons of Heaven': exponential rule lengths revealed and explained pdf
09-7 Mark Johnston, Thomas Liddle and Mengjie Zhang A Linear Regression Approach to Numerical Simplification in Tree-Based Genetic Programming pdf

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08-1 Ivy Liu, Bhramar Mukherjee, Thomas Suesse, David Sparrow and Sung Kyun Park Graphical Diagnostics to Check Model Misspecification for the Proportional Odds Regression Model pdf
08-2 Dimitar Christozov, Stefanka Chukova, and Jeff Robinson Automotive Warranty Data: Estimation of the Mean Cumulative Function using Stratification Approach pdf
08-3 John Haywood and Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson Improved multi-step forecasting using a new statistical test pdf
08-4 Yuichi Hirose Efficiency of Profile Likelihood in Semi-Parametric Models pdf
08-5 Yuichi Hirose M-Estimators in Semi-Parametrics Multi-Sample Models pdf
08-6 Alan Lee and Yuichi Hirose Semi-parametric efficiency bounds for regression models under generalised case-control sampling: the profile likelihood approach pdf
08-7 Shirley Pledger and Ben Bell Statistical Methods for a Study of the Maud Island Frog ( Leiopelma pakeka) pdf
08-8 John Haywood and Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson A test for robustness of MLE, to improve multi-step prediction of time series pdf
08-9 Ray Brownrigg Testing normality in regression problems: the estimated empirical process, Khmaladze transformation, and power of Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests. pdf
08-10 John Haywood and John Randal Trending seasonal data with multiple structural breaks. NZ visitor arrivals and the minimal effects of 9/11 pdf

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07-1 L.D. Stringer, John Haywood and P.J. Lester Some like it hot: effects of temperature and fine-scale resource distribution on ant community domination pdf
07-2 Estate Khmaladze, Ray Brownrigg, and John Haywood Stable rule or brittle power? On exponential rule lengths and Roman Emperors pdf or ps
07-3 John Haywood and Leigh S. Bull An investigation into the effects of allometric variation on patterns of trait variability in shearwater ( Puffinus) species pdf
07-4 Shirley Pledger, Shane Geange, Joanne Hoare, Alejandro Pérez-Matus Resource Selection: Tests and Estimation using Null Models pdf
07-5 Ivy Liu and Thomas Suesse The Analysis of Stratified Multiple Responses pdf
07-6 Estate Khmaladze and Hira L Koul Goodness-of-fit problem for errors in non-parametric regression: distribution free approach pdf

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06-1 Lloyd D. Stringer, John Haywood and Philip J. Lester Living with an invader: the role of environment heterogeneity in the coexistence of competitor ant species pdf
06-2 Peter Donelan and J M Selig Introduction to Polynomial Invariants of Screw Systems pdf
06-3 Rod Downey, Noam Greenberg, Joseph S. Miller, and Rebecca Weber Prompt simplicity, array computability and cupping pdf
06-4 Rod Downey, Steffen Lempp, and Joseph R. Mileti Ideals in Computable Rings pdf
06-5 Rod Downey, André Nies, Rebecca Weber, and Liang Yu Lowness and Π02 nullsets pdf
06-6 Rod Downey, Denis R. Hirschfeldt, Joseph S. Miller, and André Nies, Relativising Chaitin's Halting Probability pdf
06-7 Rod Downey and Reed Solomon On minimal wtt-degrees and computably enumerable Turing degrees pdf
06-8 Rod Downey, Denis R. Hirschfeldt, André Nies, and Sebastiaan A. Terwijn Calibrating Randomness pdf
06-9 Rod Downey and Liang Yu Arithmetical sacks forcing pdf
06-10 John Haywood and John Randal Seasonality and structural breaks: NZ visitor arrivals and 9/11 pdf or ps
06-11 Rod Downey and Noam Greenberg Totally < ωω-computably enumerable degrees and m -topped degrees* pdf
*Research Supported by the Marsden Fund of New Zealand


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05-1 Ivy Liu and Dong Wang Diagnostics for Stratified Clinical Trials in Proportional Odds Models pdf
05-2 John Haywood and Estate Khmaladze On distribution-free goodness-of-fit testing of exponentiality pdf
05-3 Estate Khmaladze Differentiation of sets in measure pdf
05-4 Estate Khmaladze, Ray Brownrigg, and John Haywood On Roman Emperors, their Chinese counterparts, and statistics of their reign  
05-5 John Haywood and John Randal Give me a break? New Zealand visitor arrivals and the effects of 9/11 pdf

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04-1 John Haywood and John Randal Stochastic Variation, New Zealand Visitor Arrivals, and the Effects of 11 September 2001 pdf
04-2 Frank Critchley, Guobing Lu, Richard Atkinson and Dong Wang Distribution shape and size, equivariance properties of the influence function, and transformation groups  
04-3 A.C. Fowler and Mark McGuinness A Delay Recruitment Model of the Cardiovascular Control System pdf
04-4 Ivy Liu Describing Stratified Multiple Responses for Sparse Data pdf
04-5 Jim Geelen, Bert Gerards and Geoff Whittle Tangles, Tree-Decompositions, and Grids in Matroids  
04-6 John Haywood and Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson A test for improved multi-step forecasting pdf
04-7 P.J. Lester, J.M. Yee, S. Yee, John Haywood, H.M.A. Thistlewood, and R. Harmsen Increasing patch connectivity and number reduces attack rates, but does not affect the functional response type of an acarine predator pdf

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03-1 Geoff Whittle Recent work in Matroid Representation Theory  
03-2 J.F. Geelen, A.M.H. Gerards, N. Robertson, and Geoff Whittle Obstructions to Branch-Decomposition of Matroids  
03-3 F. Critchely, G. Lu, R.A. Atkinson, and Dong Wang Projected Taylor Expansions for use in Statistics  
03-4 J. Geelen, B. Gerards, and Geoff Whittle Excluding a Planar Graph from GF (Q) -Representable Matroids  
03-5 J. Oxley, C. Semple, and Geoff Whittle The Structure of the 3-Separations of 3-Connected Matroids  
03-6 Stefanka Chukova and Y. Hayakawa Warranty Cost Analysis: Renewing Warranty with Non-zero Repair Time  
03-7 John Randal A Reinvestigation of Robust Scale Estimation in Finite Samples  
03-8 Mark McGuinness and Basil Benjamin Submarine Lead-Acid Battery Performance pdf
03-9 Mark McGuinness, Young Hong, Duncan Galletly and Peter Larsen Arnold Tongues in Human Cardiorespiratory Systems pdf
03-10 Shirley Pledger and Mandy D. Tocher Capture-Recapture Analyses of the Frog, Leiopelma pakeka on Motuara Island pdf
03-11 John Haywood and Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson A Test for Improved Forecasting Performance at Higher Lead Times pdf
03-12 Liang Yu, Decheng Ding, Rod Downey The Kolmogorov Complexity of Random Reals  
03-13 Rod Downey Parameterized Complexity for the Skeptic  
03-14 Rod Downey, Denis Hirschfeldt, Andr'e Nies, Frank Stephan Trivial Reals  
03-15 Aleksandar Stojmirovic, Quasi-metric Spaces with Measure  

# Authors Title Download
02-1 Dong Wang, Stefanka Chukova and C.D. Lai Reducing Quadratic Programming Problem to Regression Problem: Stepwise Algorithm  
02-2 Mengjie Zhang Neural Networks for Mining Multiclass Objects in Image Data  
02-3 Mengjie Zhang and Victor Ciesielski A Domain Independent Approach to Multiclass 2D Object Detection Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms  
02-4 Davey, M.J., Landman, K.A., Mark McGuinness Hong, J. Jin. Mathematical Modelling of Rice Gelatinisation and Dissolution in Beer Production  
02-5 Please, C.P., Mark McGuinness, McElwain, D.L.S Approximations to the DAEM for Coal Pyrolysis  
02-6 Vladimir Pestov Remarks on Actions on Compacta by Some Infinite-Dimensional Groups  
02-7 Guohua Wu Q-measures on QK\Lambda  
02-8 Su Gao and Vladimir Pestov On a Universality Property of Some Abellian Polish Groups  
02-9 Leigh S. Bull, John Haywood, Shirley Pledger Components of Phenotypic Variation in the Morphometrics of Shearwater (Puffinus) Species  
02-10 Guohua Wu On the Density of the Pseudo-isolated Degrees  
02-11 Guohua Wu Bi-isolation in the d.c.e. degrees  
02-12 Ivy Liu Describing ordinal odds ratios for stratified r^c tables  
02-13 Rhiannon Hall, James Oxley, Charles Semple, Geoff Whittle Fork-Decompositions of Matroids  
02-14 James Geelen, Petr Hlineny and Geoff Whittle Bridging Separations in Matroids  
02-15 J.F. Geelen, A.M.H. Gerards, N. Robertson and Geoff Whittle On the Excluded Minors for the Matroids of Branch-Width k  
02-16 James Geelen, A.M.H. Gerards and Geoff Whittle Disjoint Cocircuits in Matroids with Large Rank  
02-17 James Geelen and Geoff Whittle Branch-Width and Rota's Conjecture  
02-18 James Geelen and Geoff Whittle Cliques in Dense GF (q) -Representable Matroids  
02-19 Frank Critchley, Guobing Lu, A. Atkinson, Dong Wang Identified Local Influence Analysis and Projected Taylor Richard Expansions  
02-20 Yu Hayakawa, Philip D. O'Neill, Darren Upton and Paul S.F. Yip, Bayesian Inference for a Stochastic Epidemic Model with several Kinds of Susceptible and Uncertain Population Size  
02-21 M.W. Cocke, C.G. Gibson, Peter Donelan Screw Systems, Singular Trajectories and Constrained Motions  
02-22 Vladimir Pestov and Aleksandar Stojmirovic Indexing Schemes for Similarity Search: an Illustrated Paradigm  
02-23 Leigh Roberts On the Expansion of Jack Polynomials  
02-24 Mark McGuinness and Robert McKibbin Terrain-induced Slugging  

# Authors Title Download
01-1 Shamil Ishmukhametov and Guohua Wu Isolation and the High/Low Hierarchy  
01-2 Guohua Wu Prefix-Free Languages and Initial Segments of Computably Enumerable Degrees  
01-3 Chang Yun Bai and Peter J. Smith Analysis of Hybrid Selection/Maximal-Ratio Combining in Gamma Fading  
01-4 Peter J. Smith and Chang Yun Bai Some Analytical Results for The SINR Using Maximal-Ratio Combining with Multiple Cochannel Interferers  
01-5 Chang Yun Bai and Peter J. Smith Simple Models for Interferer Powers  
01-6 Dong Wang F. Critchley, and P.J. Smith The Multiple Sets of Deletion Measures and Masking in Regression  
01-7 Rhiannon Hall A Chain Theorem for 4-Connected Matroids  
01-8 Guohua Wu Isolation and Lattice Embeddings  
01-9 Guohua Wu Nonisolated Degrees and the Jump Operator  
01-10 Shirley Pledger A Statistical Analysis of Invertebrate Data from Kapiti Island  
01-11 Rhiannon Hall, James Oxley, Charles Semple and Geoff Whittle On Matroids of Branch-Width Three  
01-12 Vladimir Pestov MM-Spaces and Group Actions  
01-13 Dong Wang Diagnostics Analysis and Perturbations in a Clustered Sampling Model  
01-14 Rod Downey Denis R. Hirschfeldt, Geoff LaForte Randomness and Reducibility  
01-15 Rod Downey Denis R. Hirschfeldt, Andre Nies Randomness, Computability and Density  
01-16 Rod Downey, Geoff LaForte, Richard A. Shore Decomposition and Infima in the Computably Enumerable Degrees  
01-17 Rod Downey Some Computability-Theoretical Aspects of Reals and Randomness  
01-18 Thierry Giordano and Vladimir Pestov Some Extremely Amenable Groups  
01-19 Mark McGuinness and A.J. Roberts Efficient Design of Tall Tapered Feeders  
01-20 Boyan Dimitrov, Stefanka Chukova and Zohel Khalil Warranty Costs: An Age-Dependent Failure/Repair Model  
01-21 Mark McGuinness K.A. Landman, H.J. Trodahl and A.E. Pantoja Mathematical Modelling of Solar Heating of Sea Ice  

# Authors Title Download
00-1 H.J. Trodahl, Mark McGuinness P.J. Langhorne, K. Collins, A.E. Pantoja, I.J. Smith, T.J. Haskell Heat transport in McMurdo Sound first-year fast ice  
00-2 Rob Goldblatt Duality for Some Categories of Coalgebras  
00-3 Rod Downey Denis R. Hirschfeldt, Steffen Lempp and Reed Solomon Reverse Mathematics of the Nielsen-Schreier Theorem  
00-4 Mark McGuinness and A.J. Roberts Modelling the dip coating process for hot metal castings  
00-5 David Vere-Jones, Russell Robinson and Wenzheng Yang Remarks on the Accelerated Moment Release Model  
00-6 Translation from the Japanese prepared by David Vere-Jones and Yu Hayakawa When a large Earthquake occurs, what can we say about aftershocks? A Real-Life use of Probability Forecasts  
00-7 Rod Downey Denis R. Hirschfeldt, Steffen Lempp, Reed Solomon A $\Delta^0_2 Set with No Infinite Low Subset in Either It or Its Complement  
00-8 Vladimir Pestov Ramsey-Milman Phenomenon, Urysohn Metric Spaces and Extremely Amenable Groups  
00-9 Rod Downey and Geoffrey L. LaForte Presentations of computably enumerable reals  
00-10 Sue Paul Circular and Elliptical Schools  
00-11 Sue Paul Multiple Schools  
00-12 Peter Cholak, Rod Downey and Stephen Walk Maximal Contiguous Degrees  
00-13 Rod Downey Denis R. Hirschfeldt, Steffen Lempp, D. Reed Solomon Computability-Theoretic and Proof-Theoretic Aspects of Partial and Linear Orderings  
00-14 James F. Geelen, A.M.H. Gerards, Geoff Whittle Branch width and well-quasi-ordering in matroids and graphs  
00-15 Rod Downey Reed Solomon Reverse Mathematics, Archimedean Classes, and Hahn's Theorem  
00-16 Jamas Enright The Computational Complexity of Antimatroid Properties  
00-17 Leigh Roberts Determinantal expansions of Jack Polynomials  
00-18 Guohua Wu Isolation and the Jump Operator  
00-19 Yu Hayakawa, Darren Upton, Paul S.F. Yip, and Philip D. O'Neill Inference for a multitype epidemic model using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods  
00-20 Mark McGuinness K.A. Landman, H.J. Trodahl, A.E. Pantoja Solar Radiative Heating in First Year Sea Ice  
00-21 Finlay Thompson Introducing Quaternionic Gerbes  
00-22 John Harper A Bubble Rising in Viscous Fluid: Lagrange's Equations for Motion at a High Reynolds Number  
00-23 Tony Vignaux S. Paul, and D. Gresham Estimating Fish Concentrations Using Trawl Data  
00-24 M. Vignaux, Tony Vignaux S. Lizamore, and D. Gresham Fine Scale Mapping of Fish Distribution from Commercial Catch and Effort Data Using Maximum Entropy Tomography  
00-25 Michael G. Megrelishvili, Vladimir G. Pestov, and Vladimir V. Uspenskij A Note on the Precompactness of Weakly Almost Periodic Groups  
00-26 Peter Cholak and Rod Downey Invariance and Noninvariance in the Lattice of N01 Classes  

# Authors Title Download
99-1 Peter Cholak, Richard Coles, Rod Downey and Eberhard Herrmann Automorphisms of the lattice of Π01 classes; perfect thin classes and anc degrees  
99-2 Vladimir Pestov On the geometry of similarity search: dimensionality curse and concentration of measure  
99-3 Brian Dawkins Pareto filtering  
99-4 Rob Goldblatt Quasi-Modal Equivalence of Canonical Structures  
99-5 Dominic Welsh and Geoff Whittle Arrangements, Channel Assignments and Associated Polynomials  
99-6 James Geelen, James Oxley, Dirk Vertigan, and Geoff Whittle On totally free expansions of matroids  
99-7 M.W. Cocke, Peter Donelan and C.G. Gibson Instantaneous Singular Sets Associated to Spatial Motions  
99-8 Petar S. Kenderov, Ivailo S. Kortezoc, and Warren B. Moors Topological games and topological groups  
99-9 Shirley Pledger Monitoring Protocols for Motuara Island Frogs Leiopelma pakeka  
99-10 Vladimir G. Pestov Amenable Representations and Dynamics Of The Unit Sphere In An Infinite-Dimensional Hilbert Space  
99-11 Jonathan M. Borwein, Warren B. Moors, Xianfu Wang Generalized subdifferentials: a Baire categorical approach  
99-12 Vladimir Pestov A geometric framework for modelling similarity search  
99-13 Eunice Gogo Mphako Tutte Polynomials of Projective and Affine Geometries  
99-14 Catherine McCartin An improved algorithm for the jump number problem  
99-15 P.J. Smith, H. Gao The Polynomial Ratio Distribution  
99-16 P.S. Kenderov, I.S. Kortezov and W.B. Moors Continuity points of quasi-continuous mappings  
99-17 James Oxley and Geoff Whittle On the non-uniqueness of q -cones of matroids  
99-18 Peter Cholak and Rod Downey Some Orbits for ε  
99-19 Michael S. Duggan and Peter Smith Not All Selection Ratios are Equal but Some are More Equal than Others: The misapplication and Reinterpretation of Selection Ratios in Utility Analysis  
99-20 H. Gao and P.J Smith Representations and Distributions for some Quadratic Forms involving a Generalised Wishart Matrix  
99-21 James Geelen and Geoff Whittle Matroid 4-Connectivity: A Deletion-Contraction Theorem  
99-22 Rod Downey Computability, Definability and Algebraic Structures  
99-23 Sidney A. Morris and Vladimir Pestov Subgroups of Monothetic Groups  
99-24 Gillian Dobbie and Peter Andreae Problems with OOFNF: a proposed normal form for object oriented databases  
99-25 Judy Brown and Gillian Dobbie Supporting and evaluating team dynamics in group projects  
99-26 Kris Bubendorfer and John Hine A Compositional Classification For Load-Balancing Algorithms  
99-27 Rob Goldblatt Reflections on a proof of Elementarity  
99-28 James Oxley, Charles Semple, Dirk Vertigan, and Geoff Whittle Infinite Antichains of Matroids with Characteristic Set { p }  
99-29 Vladimir Pestov Topological Groups: Where To From Here?  
99-30 Amy Gale, Rod Downey On Genericity and Ershov's Hierarchy  
99-31 Rod Downey and J.B. Remmel Questions in Computational algebra and Combinatorics  
99-32 John Harper Growing bubbles rising in line  
99-33 Harkus Hegland and Vladimir Pestov Additive Models in High Dimensions  
99-34 Rob Goldblatt What is the Coalgebraic Analogue of Birkhoff's Variety Theorem?  

# Authors Title Download
98-1 Ugo Bruzzo and Vladimir Pestov On the Structure of DeWitt Supermanifolds  
98-2 Brian Dawkins Bernoulli numbers: a current perspective  
98-3 Rod Downey Undecidability Results for low complexity time classes  
98-4 Rod Downey and Lance Fortnow Uniformly Hard Languages  
98-5 Rod Downey, Geoffrey LaForte, Steffen Lempp A Δ02 with a barely Σ02 degree  
98-6 Bevan Flack Documentation of C Programs for Low Cloud Detection Using Bayesian Methods  
98-7 Vladimir Pestov Metrics for Image Retrieval by Colour Content  
98-8 Shirley Pledger A Constrained Maximum Likelihood Estimator of Probability of Capture  
98-9 Yu Hayakawa, Paul Yip A Gibbs sampler approach to estimation of the number of faults in a system using capture-recapture sampling  
98-10 David Harte Documentation for the Statistical Seismology Library  
98-11 John R. Giles & Warren B. Moors Exposing conditions implying uniformity of rotundity  
98-12 Brian Dawkins Projections for a Partitioned Matrix  
98-13 Peter J Smith Underestimation of Rare Event Probabilities in Importance Sampling Simulations  
98-14 Peter J Smith, Hongsheng Gao, Martin V Clark Performance bounds for MMSE linear macrodiversity combining in Rayleigh fading, additive interference channels  
98-15 Jiling Cao, Warren Moors, Ivan Reilly Topological Properties Defined By Games And Their Applications  
98-16 Yu Hayakawa A new characterisation property of mixed Poisson processes via Berman's theorem  
98-17 Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows. Ulrike Stege Parameterized Complexity: A framework for Systematically Confronting Computational Intractability  
98-18 Shirley Pledger Finite Mixtures in Closed Capture-Recapture Models  
98-19 Bevan Flack A Genetic Algorithms Review  
98-20 Mark McGuinness, E. Donskoi, D.L.S. McElwain Asymptotic Approximations to the Multiple Reaction Model  
98-21 Rod Downey A note on btt-degrees  
98-22 Mark McGuinness and Phil Howlett Process Optimisation of Rice Gelatinisation for Beer Production  
98-23 Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows and Ulrike Stege Computational Tractability: The View From Mars  
98-24 Richard J. Coles, Rod Downey and Theodore A. Slaman Every set has a least jump enumeration  
98-25 Ugo Bruzzo and Vladimir Pestov What is Supertopology?  
98-26 Rod Downey and Michael R. Fellows Parameterized Complexity After (Almost) 10 Years: Review and Open Questions  
98-27 Vladimir Pestov Amenable groups and measure concentration on spheres  
98-28 Mark McGuinness, C.P. Please, N. Fowkes, P. McGowan, L. Ryder, D. Forte Modelling the Wetting and Cooking of a Single Cereal Grain  
98-29 James Oxley, Charles Semple, and Dirk Vertigan Generalised Δ - Y Exchange and k -Regular Matroids  
98-30 Jiling Cao, Warren Moors and Ivan Reilly On the Choquet-Dolecki Theorem  
98-31 Leigh Roberts On the expansion of Zonal Polunomials in Monomial Symmetric Functions  
98-32 Yu Hayakawa The total time on test statistics and l 1-isotropy  

# Authors Title Download
97-3 Robert Biddle & Ewan Tempero Explaining Issues in Software Reusability via an Audio System Analogy  
97-6 Guszti Bartfai & Roger White A Fuzzy ART-based Modular Neuro-fuzzy Architacture for Learning Hierarchical Clusterings  
97-44 Li Dongfeng, Peter Thomson and John Haywood Dynamic Seasonal Models (ISSN: 1170-2257, ISOR Technical Report 44)  
97-46 M. Vignaux, G.A Vignaux, S. Lizamore & D. Gresham Fine scale mapping of fish distribution from commercial catch and effort data using maximum entropy tomography  
97-210 Antonino Salibra On the Algebraic Models of Lambda Calculus  
97-211 Mark McGuinness Upstreaming Mimics Capillarity in Geothermal Heat Pipes  
97-212 Rod Downey and Andre Nies Undecidability Results for Low Complexity Degree Structures  
97-213 Rod Downey and Carl G. Jockusch, Jr. Effective Presentability of Boolean Algebras of Cantor-Bendixson Rank 1  
97-214 Peter Donelan, C.G. Gibson and W. Hawes Trajectory Singularities of General Planar Motions  
97-215 Richard J. Coles, Rod Downey and Bakhadyr Khoussainov On Initial Segments of Computable Linear Orders  
97-216 Michael R. Fellows, Rod Downey and Geoff Whittle On the Complexity and Approximability of Fundamental Problems of Linear Codes  
97-217 Vladimir Pestov and Kohzo Yamada Free Topological Groups on Metrizable Spaces and Inductive Limits  
97-218 Stanislaw Bereznyuk, Richard Coles and Andrea Sorbi The Distribution of Properly Σ02 e -degrees  
97-219 Vladimir Pestov Some Universal Constructions in Abstract Topological Dynamics  
97-220 Vladimir G. Pestov and Dmitri B. Shakhmatov A Relatively Free Topological Group that is not Variety Free  
97-221 Kevin Cattell, Michael J. Dinneen, Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows, Michael A. Langston On Computing Graph Minor Obstruction Sets  
97-222 Sidney A. Morris Vladimir Pestov A topological Generalization of the Higman-Neumann-Neumann Theorem  
97-223 Vladimir Pestov Two 1935 Questions of Mazur about Polynomials in Banach Spaces: A Counter-Example  
97-224 Sidney A Morris, Peter Nickolas and Vladimir Pestov Limit Laws for Wide Varieties of Topological Groups II  
97-225 Rod Downey, Michael R> Fellows, Alexander Vardy and Geoff Whittle The Parametized Complexity of Some Fundamental Problems in Coding Theory  
97-226 J.F. Geelen, J.G. Oxley, D.L. Vertigan and Geoff Whittle On the Excluded Minors for Quarternary Matroids  
97-227 Charles Semple On Maximum-Sized k -Regular Matroids  
97-228 Vladimir Pestov Abelian Topological Groups without Irreducible Banach Representations  
97-229 C. Bartocci, U. Bruzzo, D. Hernandez Ruiperez, V. Pestov Quotient Supermanifolds  
97-230 Mark McGuinness, H.J. Trodahl, K. Collins & T.G. Haskell Nonlinear Thermal Transport and Brine Convection in First Year Sea Ice  
97-231 Bruno Courcelle, Rod Downey & Michael R. Fellows A Note on the Compatibility of Graph Minor Obstruction Sets for Monadic Second Order Ideals  
97-232 Rod Downey The Prood-Theoretic Strength of the Dushnik-Miller Theorem for Countable Linear Orders  
97-233 Bogdan Oporowski, James Oxley & Geoff Whittle On The Excluded Minors For The Matroids That Are Either Binary Or Ternary  
97-234 John Harper The axisymmetric Pradtl-Batchelor eddy behind a circular disc in a uniform stream  
97-235 Mark McGuinness Ngawha Geothermal Field - a review  
97-236 James Geelen, James Oxley, Dirk Vertigan and Geoff Whittle Weak-Maps and Stabilizers of Classes of Matroids  

# Authors Title Download
96-168 Rod Downey, Steffen Lempp Contiguity and Distributivity in the Enumerable Turing Degrees  
96-169 Rod Downey, Leo Harrington There is no Fat Orbit  
96-170 Rod Downey On Presentations of Agebraic Structures  
96-171 Peter Cholak, Rod Downey A Pair of Automorphic Computably Enumerable Sets which are not Δ3-Automorphic  
96-172 Rod Downey On the Universal Splitting Property  
96-173 Yde Venema Atom Structures and Sahlqvist equations  
96-174 Antonino Salibra and Rob Goldblatt A Finite Equational Axiomatization of the Functional Algebras for the Lambda Calculus  
96-175 Rob Goldblatt Algebraic Polymodal Logic  
96-176 Yde Venema Rectangular Games  
96-177 Irene Pestov Dimensional Analysis in Mathematical Modelling: A Case Study using Geothermal Reservoirs  
96-178 Rod Downey and R.A Shore Splitting Theorems and the Jump Operator  
96-179 Rod Downey and R.A. Shore There is no degree invariant half-jump  
96-180 Peter Cholak, Rod Downey and R.A. Shore Intervals without Critical Triples  
96-181 Mark McGuinness Steady Solution Selection and Existence in Geothermal Heat Pipes. II: The Conductive Case  
96-182 Hajnal Andreka, Rob Goldblatt and Istvan Nemeti Relativised Quantification: Some Canonical Varieties of Sequence-Set Algebras  
96-183 Mark McGuinness Modelling the Cooking of a Single Cereal Grain  
96-184 Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows and Udayan Taylor The Parametized Com plexity of Relational Database Queries and an Improved Characterization of W [1]  
96-185 Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows Index Sets and Parametric Reductions  
96-186 Rod Downey, Zoltan Füredi, Carl G. Jockusch, Jr. and Lee A. Rubel Difference Sets and Computability Theory  
96-187 Rob Goldblatt Enlargements of Functional Algebras for the Lambda Calculus  
96-188 Charles Semple k - REGULAR MATROIDS  
96-189 James Oxley, Dirk Vertigan, Geoff Whittle ON EXTREMAL NEAR-REGULAR AND 6√1-MATROIDS  
96-190 Rob Goldblatt The Functional Lambda Abstraction Algebras Form a Variety  
96-191 Geoff Whittle Stabilizers of Classes of Representable Matroids  
96-192 Mark McGuinness Heat Pipes and Through-Flows in Geothermal Reservoirs  
96-193 Vladimir G. Pestov On Free Actions, Minomal Flows, and a Problem by Ellis  
96-194 Mark McGuinness Gravity-Driven Geothermal Heat Pipes  
96-195 Mark McGuinness and Irene Pestov Steady Heat and Mass Transfer in Two-Phase Geothermal Reservoirs  
96-196 G.R. Cocksworth and John Harper Plate Driving Forces  
96-197 A. Leiderman, M. Levin and V. Pestov On Linear Continuous Open Surjections of the Spaces C p( X)  
96-198 Rod Downey, Venkatesh Raman, Michael R. Fellows The Complexity of Irrerundant Sets Parametized by Size  
96-199 Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows, Kenneth W. Regan Descriptive Complexity and the W Hierarchy  
96-200 Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows, Kenneth W. Regan Parametized Circuit Complexity and the W  
96-201 Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows Threshold Dominating Sets and An Improved Characterization of W [2]  
96-202 Dirk Vertigan, Geoff Whittle A 2-Isomorphism Theorem for Hypergraphs  
96-203 Irene Pestov Modelling Structures Geothermal Systems: Application of Dimensional Methods  
96-204 Vladimir Pestov Independence of Almost Periodicity Upon the Topology of the Acting Group  
96-205 Irene Pestov Stability of Vapour-liquid Counterflow in Porous Media  
96-206 John Harper Bubbles Rising in Line: Why is the First Approximation so Bad?  
96-207 Peter Donelan and C.G. Gibson Singular Phenomena in Kinematics  
96-208   Enumerable Sets and Quasi-Reductibility  
96-209 Sidney A. Morris and Vladimir Pestov On Lie Groups in Varieties of Topological Groups  

# Authors Title Download
95-155 Rich Blaylock, Rod Downey, Steffen Lempp Infima in the recusively enumerable weak truth Table Degrees  
95-156 K.H. Hofmann, S.A. Morris, P. Nikolas, V. Pestov Small Large Subgroups of a Topological Group  
95-157 V. Pestov Analytic Subsets of Hilbert Spaces  
95-158 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson On the scattering of Waves by nearly hard or soft, incomplete vertical barriers in water of infinite depth  
95-159 Charles Semple and Geoff Whittle Partial Fields and Matroid Representation  
95-160 R.D. Kopperman, M.W. Mislove, S.A. Morris. P. Nickolas, V. Pestov, S. Svetlichny Limit Laws for Wide Varieties of Topological Groups  
95-161 P.F Rhodes-Robinson The Use of Green's Theorem in Water Wave Problems  
95-162 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson The Effect of Surface Tension on the Scattering of Waves by a partially Immersed Vertical Barrier in Water of Infinite Depth  
95-163 Irene Pestov Modelling Studies of the Evolution of Vapour-dominated Geothermal Systems.  
95-164 C. Bartocci, U. Bruzzo, D. Hernandez Ruiperez, V. Pestov. Supermanifold Theory: Towards a Unifying Approach  
95-165 Megrelishvili, (Levy) M., Nickolas, P., Pestov, V. Uniformities and Uniformly Continuous Functions on Locally Connected Groups  
95-166 Semple, C., Geoff Whittle On Representable Matroids having no U 2,5-or U 3,5-Minor.  
95-167 Pestov, V. Epimorphisms of Hausdorff Groups by way of Topological Dynamics  

# Authors Title Download
94-134 Mark McGuinness Geothermal Heat Pipes - Just How Long Can They Be?  
94-135 Vladimir G. Pestov Regular Lie Groups and a Theorem of Lie-Palais  
94-136 Hans Bodlaender, Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows, H. Todd Wareham The Parametized Complexity of Sequence Alignment and Consensus (Extended Abstract)  
94-137 James Oxley, Dirk Vertigan and Geoff Whittle On Inequivalent Representations of Matroids over Finite Fields  
94-138 Irene Pestov On The Structure of Vapour-Dominated Geothermal Systems  
94-139 Mark McGuinness Steady Solution Selection and Existence in Geothermal Heat Pipes. I: The Convective Case  
94-140 Hans Bodlaender, Rod Downey, Michael R. Fellows, Michael T. Hallet, H. Todd Wareham Parameterized Complexity Analysis in Computational Biology  
94-141 Peter Donelan and C.P. Scott Real Inflections of Four-Bar Coupler Curves  
94-142 Geoff Whittle A characterisation of the Amrtoids Representable over GF (3) and the Rationals  
94-143 Rod Downey & R.A. Shore Lattice Embeddings Below a Nonlow Recursive Enumerable Degree  
94-144 Vladimir G. Pestov Douady's Conjecture on Banach Analytic Spaces  
94-145 Rob Goldblatt Saturation and the Hennessey-Milner Property  
94-146 Rob Goldblatt Modal Logics of Programs  
94-147 Geoff Whittle On Matroids Representable over GF (3) and other Fields  
94-148 Rod Downey, Steffen Lempp, Richard Shore Jumps of Minimal Degrees Below 0'  
94-149 Irene Pestov Mathematical Modelling of Vapour-Dominated Geothermal Systems  
94-150 Mark McGuinness and Roger Young 1D Geothermal Models - The Good, The Bad and The Unlikely  
94-151 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson On Waves in the Presence of Vertical Porous Boundaries  
94-152 Vladimir Pestov On the centre of free Banach-Lie Algebras and a problem studied by Van Est and 'Swierczkowski  
94-153 Sidney A Morris, Peter Nickolas and Vladimir Pestov A structure Theorem for Abelian Topological Groups  
94-154 Vladimir Pestov For Abelian Topological Groups and the Pontryagin-Van Kampen Duality  

# Authors Title Download
93-104 V.G. Pestov Operator Spaces and Residual Finite-Dimensional _C_*-Algebras  
93-105 Abrahamson K.A., Rod Downey, Fellows M.R. Fixed parameter Intractability II (Extended Abstract) (Proceedings STACS' 93)  
93-106 Rod Downey On Irredicible m -Degrees1  
93-107 Rod Downey and C.G. Jockusch Every Low Boolean Algebra is Isomorphic to a Recursive One1  
93-108 Rod Downey and M. Fellows Fixed-Parameter Tractability and Completeness III: Some Structural Aspects of the W Hierarchy1  
93-109 Rod Downey & J.B. Remmel Effectively and Non effectively Nowhere Simple Subspaces1,2  
93-110 Rod Downey & Steffen Lempp There is no Plus-Capping Degree  
93-111 Rod Downey & Shore R.A. Degree Theoretic Definitions on the Low2 Recursively Enumerable Sets  
93-112 Rod Downey Every Recursive Boolean Algebra is Isomorphic to one with imcomplete Atoms  
93-113 Rod Downey, S. Lempp, R.A Shore Highness and Bounding Minimal Pairs  
93-114 Rod Downey, M. Stob Splitting Theorems and Recursion Theory  
93-115 Rod Downey, Patricia Evans, M.R. Fellows. Parameterized Learning Complexity  
93-116 Rod Downey, M.R.Fellows. Parameterized Computational Feasibility  
93-117 Rod Downey, M.R. Fellows. Fixed-Parameter Tractability and Completeness II: On Completeness for W[1]  
93-118 Rod Downey, M.R. Fellows Fixed-Parameter Tractability and Completeness I: Basic Results  
93-119 John Harper PlateTectonics  
93-120 John Harper Paleomagnetism  
93-121 John Harper The Coulomb Potential of a line of Charges  
93-122 J. Oxley and Geoff Whittle On Weak Maps of Ternary Matroids  
93-123 V.G. Pestov A remark on Embedding Topological Groups into Products  
93-124 Peter Donelan & C.G Gibson On the Hierarchy of Screw Systems  
93-125 Rod Downey & Christine Haught Embedding Lattices into the wtt -Degrees Below 0'  
93-126 Douglas Cenzer & Rod Downey Prime Ideals in Commutative Rings, WKL 0 and II01  
93-127 Irene Pestov Mathematical Modelling of Two-Phase Geothermnal Reservoirs1  
93-128 Liming Cai, Jianer Chen, Rod Downey & M.R. Fellows Advice Classes of Parameterized Tractability  
93-129 Rod Downey, MR Fellows, BM Kapron & MT Hallet, H Todd Wareham The Parameterized Complexity of Some Problems in Logic and Linguistics  
93-130 Vladimir G Pestov Analysis on Superspace: An Overview  
93-131 Geoff Whittle Inequivalent Representations of ternary Matroids  
93-132 Vladimir G Pestov On Even Collective Effects in Purely Odd Superspaces  
93-133 Liming Cai, Jianer Chen, Rod Downey & Michael Fellows On the Structure of Parameterized Problems in NP  

# Authors Title Download
92-80 Mark McGuinness, M Blakeley, K. Pruess and M.J. O'Sullivan Geothermal Heat Pipe Stability: solution selection by upstreaming and boundary conditions  
92-81 S.P. White and Mark McGuinness Modelling the Kawerau Geothermal System  
92-82 Mark McGuinness Solution Selection in Geothermal Heat Pipes  
92-83 James Oxley and Geoff Whittle Tutte Invariants for 2-Polymatroids  
92-84 Geoff Whittle Characteristic Polynomials of Weighted Lattices  
92-85 Dirk Vertigan and Geoff Whittle Recognizing Hypergraphs  
92-86 Vladimir G Pestov Nonstandard Hulls of Banach-Lie Groups and Algebras  
92-87 Peter Cholak and Rod Downey On the Cantor-Bendixon Rank of Recursively Enumerable Sets  
92-88 Peter Cholak & Rod Downey Recursively Enumerable m- and tt-degrees III: Realizing all Finite Distributive Lattices  
92-89 P. Cholak, Rod Downey, L. Fortnow, W. Gasarch, E. Kinber, M. Kummer, S. Kurtz and T Slaman Degrees of Inferability  
92-90 Peter Cholak and Rod Downey Lattice Nonembeddings and Intervals of the Recursively Enumerable Degrees  
92-91 Geoff Whittle Duality in Polymatroids and Set Functions  
92-92 Vladimir Pestov On Enlargability of Infinite-Dimensional Lie Superalgebras  
92-93 John Harper Simplifying Parabolic PDEs for Fluid Mechanics, Finance, ...  
92-94 Vladimir Pestov enlargable Banach-Lie Algebras and Free Topological Groups  
92-95 James Oxley and Geoff Whittle A Characterization of Tutte Invariants of 2-Polymatroids  
92-96 J. Oxley and Geoff Whittle On sign-representable Matroids  
92-97 Vladimir Pestov Universal Arrows to Forgetful Functors From Categories OF Topological Algebra  
92-98 S.A. Morris and V.G Pestov Open Subgroups OF Free Abelian Topological Groups  
92-99 C.F Laywine, G.L Mullen and Geoff Whittle d -dimensional hypercubes and the Euler and MacNeish conjectures  
92-100 V.G Pestov An Analytic Structure Emerging In Presence Of Infinitely Many Odd Coordinates  
92-101 Rob Goldblatt Elementary Generation and Canonicity for Varieties of Boolean Algebras with Operators  
92-102 V.G. Pestov A Note on Quantum Unitary Groups (Woronowicz's Approach)  
92-103 A.G. Liederman, S.A. Morris and V.G Pestov The Free Abelian Topological Group and the Free Locally Convex Space on the Unit Interval  

# Authors Title Download
91-65 Peter Donelan On the Geometry of Planar Motions  
91-66 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson On Wave-Source Potentials for a Two-Layered Liquid of Infinite Total Depth with a Free Surface  
91-67 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson On the Waves Produced by Heaving Vertical Plates in a Two-Layered Liquid of Infinite Total Depth with a Free Surface  
91-68 P.F. Rhodes Robinson Note on the Reflexion of Water Waves at a Nearly Vertical Cliff in the Presence of Surface tension  
91-69 Rod Downey On Π01 Classes and their Ranked Points  
91-70 P. Cholak, Rod Downey and M. Stob Automorphisms of the Lattice of Recursively Enumerable Sets: Promptly Simple Sets  
91-71 Rod Downey Recusion Theory and Linear Orderings  
91-72 Rob Goldblatt On the Completeness of Computational Tree Logic  
91-73 Rob Goldblatt Parallel Action: Concurrent Dynamic Logic with Independent Modalities  
91-74 John Harper The Leading Edge of an Oil Slick, Soap Film, or Bubble Stagnant Cap in Stokes Flow  
91-75 John Harper Tow Washing Revisited  
91-76 Rob Downey and M. Stob Friedberg Splittings of Recursively Enumerable Sets  
91-77 P. Cholak and Rod Downey Permutations and Presentations  
91-78 Rod Downey and M.R. Fellows Fixed-Parameter Intractability (Extended Abstract  
91-79 D. Cenzer, Rod Downey, C. Jockusch and R.A. Shore Countable Thin Π01 Classes  

# Authors Title Download
90-45 Rod Downey and Theodore A. Slaman On Co-Simple Isols and their Intersection Types  
90-46 Rob Goldblatt The McKinsey Axiom is not Canonical  
90-47 S.P. Glasby An Extension of a Group of Order 22n+2 by the Symplectic Group(2n, 2)  
90-48 S.P Glasby Extensions of Extraspecial 2-Groups by Orthogonal Groups  
90-49 S.P. Glasby Extensions of Groups Defined by Power-Commutator Presentations  
90-50 Rod Downey and Joe Mourad Super-Branching Degrees  
90-51 Rod Downey Notes on the 0'''-Priority Method with Special Attention to Density Results  
90-52 Rod Downey and Michael Stob Jumps of Hemimaximal Sets  
90-53 L. Lerner and John Harper Stokes Flow Past a Pair of Stagnant-Cap Bubbles  
90-54 Colin G. Bailey The Face Lattice of an n-Multicube  
90-55 Rod Downey & Michael Stob Automorphisms & Splittings of Recursively Enumerable Sets  
90-56 Rod Downey & Julia F. Knight Orderings with a αth Jump Degree 0(α)  
90-57 S.P. Glasby & R.B. Howlett Extraspecial Towers and Weil Representations  
90-58 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson Wave-Source Expansions for Water of Infinite Depth in the Presence of Surface Tension  
90-59 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson On the Progressive Waves due to Incomplete Vertical Wave-Makers in Water of Infinite Depth  
90-60 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson The Effect of Surface Tension of the Progressive Waves due to Incomplete Vertical Wave-Makers in Water of Infinite Depth  
90-61 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson On the Progressive Waves due to Incomplete Vertical Wave-Makers in Water of Infinite Depth in the Presence of Surface Tension  
90-62 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson The Effect of Surface Tension on Waves in the Presence of a Partially-Immersed Vertical Boundary in Water of Infinite Depth  
90-63 Rod Downey Nondiamond Theorems for Polynomial Time Reductibility  
90-64 P.F. Rhodes-Robinson On the Forces Surface Waves due to a Partially-Immersed Vertical Wave-Maker in Water of Infinite Depth  

# Authors Title Download
89-35 Rob Goldblatt On Closure Under Canonical Embedding Algebras  
89-36 Rod Downey Lattice Nonembeddings and Initial Segments of the Recursively Enumerable Degrees  
89-37 Rod Downey, W. Gasarch, S. Homer and M. Moses On Honest polynomial Reductions, Relativizations, and P=NP.  
89-38 C.T. Chong and Rod Downey Minimal Degrees Recursive in 1-Generic Degrees  
89-39 Rod Downey On Ramsey-Type Theorems and their Applications  
89-40 Rod Downey, Carl Jockusch, and Michael Stob Array Nonrecursive Sets and Multiple Permitting Arguments  
89-41 C.K. Atkin Boundedness in Uniform Spaces, Topological Groups and Homogeneous Spaces  
89-42 C.J. Atkin & J. Grabowski Homomorphisms of the Lie Algebras Associated with a Symplectic Manifold  
89-43 Peter Donelan & C.G. Gibson Invariants of Euclidean Motions  
89-44 S.P Glasby and Michael C. Slattery Computing Intersections and Normalisers in Soluble Groups  

# Authors Title Download
88-18 C. Bailey Complements in the Lattice of Subalgebras of a Countable Boolean Algebra  
88-19 C. Bailey & Rod Downey Tabular Degrees in α-Recursion Theory  
88-20 C. Bailey & J. Oliveria Cubic Lattices  
88-21 C. Chong & Rod Downey Degrees Bounding Minimal Sets  
88-22 Peter Donelan Generic Properties in Euclidean Kinematics  
88-23 Rod Downey On Computational Complexity and Honest Polynomial Degrees  
88-24 Rod Downey On Hyper-Torre Isols  
88-25 Rod Downey Array Non-Recursive Degrees and Lattice Embeddings of the Diamond  
88-26 Rod Downey On the Structure of Honest Poly-m-degrees  
88-27 Rod Downey and M. Moses On Choice Sets and Strongly Non-Trivial Self Embeddings of Recursive Linear Orders  
88-28 Rod Downey and M. Moses Recursive Linear Orders with Incomplete Successivities  
88-30 Rob Goldblatt Varieties of Complex Algebras  
88-31 John Harper Forces Driving Plate Techtonics: The Use of Simple Dynamic Models  
88-32 P. Rhodes-Robinson On the Generation of Surface Waves by Bottom Movements in Water of Finite Depth  
88-33 G.A. Vignaux & S. Jain An Approximate Inventory Model Based on Dimensional Analysis  
88-34 John Harper Plate Dynamics: Carribean Map Corrections and Hotspot Push  

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