Seventh Wellington Workshop in Probability
and Mathematical Statistics

5 - 7 December 2019


The Seventh Wellington Workshop in Probability and Mathematical Statistics (WWPMS 2019) will be held at the Kelburn campus, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand on 5-7 December 2019, in room LB LT118 (ground floor of Laby building, Lecture Theatre 118). Here is a map of the Kelburn campus (pdf; opens in a new tab), on which Laby building is at grid reference h11. For previous attendees, it may be helpful to note this is the same room we used in 2013, 2015 and 2017 for the 4th to 6th WWPMS.

This year we will celebrate the 75th Birthday of Professor Estate Khmaladze, who has been a driving force behind the series of Wellington Workshops that started in 2009.

As usual, the workshop is dedicated to advances in mathematical theory with an accent on beauty and clarity, rather than technicality. Good explanations of heuristics are very welcome, as well as interesting applications, even if not fully developed mathematically. A large part of all talks should be accessible to postgraduate students.

Further information concerning the workshop, including presentation abstracts, the detailed program and links to most presentations, is available below.

Internet access for visiting Workshop participants is possible through eduroam (education roaming; opens in a new tab), using authentication from your home institution. Alternatively, guests can access the Wi-Fi network at Victoria by following the instructions given here: WWPMS guest Wi-Fi access (pdf; opens in a new tab).

A poster for display purposes is available here: WWPMS 2019 Poster (pdf; opens in a new tab).


The final program is available here: WWPMS 2019 Program (pdf; opens in a new tab).

Links to almost all presentations are included in the Workshop Proceedings section below.

The general structure of the Seventh Workshop remains as it was previously: all speakers are invited by the Program Committee (see below), all have the same time to present (30 minutes, including time for a few questions) and there are no parallel sessions.

The Formal Welcome at 12:20pm on Thursday 5 December, by Victoria University of Wellington Dean of Science, Professor Simon Davy, is followed immediately by Session 1 presentations. On Day 2, Friday 6 December, presentations start at 10am.

Please note the Workshop Dinner starts at 7:15pm on Thursday 5 December at Shed 5 Restaurant, Queens Wharf, Wellington - more details about the dinner are given immediately below. Since one theme of the Workshop is to celebrate the 75th birthday of Professor Estate Khmaladze, the Workshop Dinner will also be something of a (belated) birthday celebration!

All participants will receive a printed copy of the final program at the workshop, along with a full printout of the presentation titles and abstracts.

Workshop Dinner

The Workshop Dinner starts at 7:15pm on Thursday 5 December at Shed 5 Restaurant, Queens Wharf, Wellington (opens in a new tab). As usual for the Wellington Workshops, participants pay their own expenses at the dinner - the cost will be $75 per person, with drinks not included in that total. All participants should have received an email including a brief online survey on whether or not you will attend, asking for information about any special dietary requirements, plus a chance to note any additional guests you will bring with you. Please complete that survey promptly - the restaurant need to know numbers with some certainty at this busy time of year.

Here is the WWPMS 2019 Set Dinner Menu (pdf; opens in a new tab).

Since one theme of the Workshop is to celebrate the 75th birthday of Professor Estate Khmaladze, the Workshop Dinner will also be something of a (belated) birthday celebration! There will be a cake...

Workshop Abstracts

Titles and abstracts for the presentations are available here: WWPMS 2019 Titles and Abstracts (pdf; opens in a new tab).

Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings of the Seventh Wellington Workshop in Probability and Mathematical Statistics, 5-7 December 2019, are published online here.

Editor: John Haywood
Wellington, 7 December 2019.

The following people gave presentations; view by clicking on the names below (ordered alphabetically; files open in a new tab). Files are pdf, or html in one case:


The following people were in Wellington for the Workshop; 19 gave presentations (names are in bold), with most available in the Proceedings above.

  • Ryan Admiraal, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Richard Arnold, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Andrew Barbour, Universitaet Zuerich
  • Martin Barlow, University of British Columbia
  • Peter Braunsteins, University of Melbourne
  • Han Liang Gan, University of Waikato (from 2020)
  • Xi Geng, University of Melbourne
  • Jesse Goodman, University of Auckland
  • Priscilla Greenwood, University of British Columbia
  • E James Harner, West Virginia University
  • Sophie Hautphenne, University of Melbourne
  • John Haywood, Victoria University of Wellington, Organising Committee Chair
  • Yuichi Hirose, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Mark Holmes, University of Melbourne, Program Committee Chair
  • Estate Khmaladze, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Ivy Liu, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Thuong Nguyen, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Alejandro Ramirez, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago
  • Leigh Roberts, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Nathan Ross, University of Melbourne
  • Sheldon M. Ross, University of Southern California
  • Akira Sakai, Hokkaido University
  • Karim Seghouane, University of Melbourne
  • Budhi Surya, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Kang Wang, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Kit Withers, Wellington
  • Nicholas Witte, Massey University, Palmerston North
  • Xun Xiao, Massey University, Palmerston North
  • Yuan (Priscilla) Yao, Victoria University of Wellington

Travel and Accommodation, plus Information on the new NZeTA

Information for people travelling to Wellington for WWPMS 2019 is available from the following link. Please note this link opens in a new tab:
Travel and Accommodation in Wellington.

New Zealand has recently introduced a new Electronic Travel Authority (the NZeTA), which replaces a visa for short-term visitors from many countries. It is quick to apply for online but applications must be made from outside NZ, before travel commences. The following website (which opens in a new tab) has some further information: Immigration New Zealand web page on the NZeTA.

Workshop Excursions

There is plenty to see and do in Wellington! Saturday 7 December is a day when you may like to check out some of the possibilities at the following Workshop Excursions webpage (opens in a new tab).


Photos from the series of Wellington Workshops are available below. Please note that each Group Photo opens in a new tab, while the links to collections of photos from earlier years will take you away from the website for the current Workshop.


The Program Committee is:
  • Martin Hazelton,
  • Mark Holmes (Chair),
  • Mike Steel,
  • Ilze Ziedins.

The Organising Committee Chair is John Haywood. Please direct all inquiries concerning local arrangements to

Website and Proceedings Editor: John Haywood.

Thanks to Caitlin Warwood and her team of helpers from the School of Mathematics and Statistics Office for logistical support during the Workshop.

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