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Statistical Education Workshops and Talks: Thursday 3 September

Mathematics and Statistics teachers of the Wellington region were invited to attend the New Zealand Statistical Association 2009 Conference on Thursday 3 September for an afternoon of workshops and talks on statistical education; details below. A hard copy of the programme was printed for all attendees, which contained abstracts for all the talks and workshops - a pdf version is available here: NZSA2009_Ed_Session_Programme (pdf).

The Focus of the Workshops
The new NZ Curriculum contains the learning area Mathematics and Statistics, but it also contains Principles, Values and Key Competencies. The Statistics strand of our learning area involves real-life context, and so is rich in opportunities for students to practice the Key Competencies, and to have experiences that embody the Principles and Values. In each workshop, we will explore these emphases in the context of teaching and learning about statistics.

Abstracts for these workshops and talks are also given on the Contributed Talks page, below the abstracts for the regular conference presentations.

12.00-1.00pm: Lunch - if desired and paid for: please use the registration page (now closed) . The rest of the afternoon is free of charge.

1.00-2.00 pm: Two sets of parallel workshops for teachers, in CO 118 and CO 119: hands-on activities for use in the classroom, plus demonstrations of web resources and/or use of computers.

Time Workshop Location
1.00-1.30pm Maxine Pfannkuch: Comparative statistical reasoning: Some essential dialogues CO 118
1.00-1.30pm Tim Burgess: The challenges of using statistical investigations in primary school classrooms CO 119
1.30-2.00pm Paul Bucknall, Mike Camden and Nathaniel Pihama: A website of statistical riches CO 118
1.30-2.00pm Derek Smith: Probability trees and two way tables CO 119

2.00-4.00 pm: Five 20-minute presentations in CO LT122, and an afternoon-tea break in Maclaurin building, Foyer.
Because of the popularity of the education sessions at previous NZSA conferences, this was the only stream of presentations running at this time. The audience were a mix of people who are teachers or statisticians (or both).

Time Talk Location
2.00-2.20pm Mike Camden: New resources for learning of the Curriculum’s statistics CO LT122
2.20-2.40pm John Harraway: A new teaching resource for Year 13 CO LT122
2.40-3.00pm Kevin Burns: How smart are birdbrains? Number sense in the New Zealand robin CO LT122
3.00-3.20pm Afternoon Tea/Coffee Maclaurin building, Foyer
3.20-3.40pm Robin Averill: Learning in Statistics: Perspectives of secondary school students CO LT122
3.40-4.00pm Alasdair Noble and Anne Lawrence: One good tern... CO LT122

4.00-5.00 pm: Two parallel workshops for teachers, in CO 118 and CO 119.

Time Workshop Location
4.00-5.00pm Robin Averill: Ideas for teaching statistics in junior secondary school classrooms CO 118
4.00-5.00pm Sandi Tait-McCutcheon: Framing Statistics and Probability Level 1 to 5 CO 119

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