Conference Internet

Te Puni Village Guests

Internet access for guests of Te Puni Village, wireless access is only available in common areas. If you wish to use the Internet in your bedroom, you must get a cable from the Te Puni reception desk. Please ask for a cable upon arrival.

Internet access is included in your accommodation fee, which you have already paid. To access the Internet, please fill out and complete the "Information Technology Services" - "Access to VUW Student System" form.

Your Te Puni Internet/wireless access can also be used at the conference venue. In addition, there are several computers located in our library that you may also make use of.

Other Conference Internet Users

Your Username and Password will be issued to you in your registration pack.

There is not Internet traffic fee as this has already been included in your registration fee.

Wireless Instructions at the Conference venue

Ensure your wireless connection is enabled. Connect to the victoria wireless network.

Note: You may be prompted that victoria is an unsecured network and asked whether you want to connect anyway. You should accept connect anyway. This warning displays because we do our encryption further into the network so your machine thinks the network is completely unsecured.

When connected, open your browser. You will be redirected to the wireless authentication page. Enter your given username and password, choose the student domain and click enter. You will then be directed to the wireless welcome page. Some browsers will open a small “login successful” window with a log-out button. We advise that you minimise this to allow an easy way to log-out later. It is also recommended that you bookmark the welcome page to allow you to easily navigate back to use the secure network or the logout button.

On Campus Computer Stations

If you do not have access to a laptop, please make use of the computers located in our Library. Located in the Rankin Brown building.

VUW systems statute

Also, with changes to the copyright laws, this link has information, including the $15,000 fine for downloading material that breaches the Act.

Access to VUW Wireless Internet Form

Note: This form is only to be filled out by Te Puni Village Guests.