An up-to-date schedule will always be available on this page, and in the linked booklet.

The seminar rooms are Cotton Lecture Theatre 122, Alan MacDiarmid 102, and Alan MacDiarmid 104. Morning and afternoon teas will be served in Alan MacDiarmid 103. All plenary talks and the AGM are in CO122.

Note that rooms AM103 and AM104 have swapped functions. AM104 will be a seminar room, and AM103 will be the break room.

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5.00 Pre-conference social at Te Puni Village
9.00 Welcome and introduction
9.15 Mike Atkinson Pattern classes and simple permutations
  Chair: M. Albert
10.15 Break
  CO122 AM102 AM104
  Chair: M. Albert Chair: I. Wanless Chair: A. Devillers
10.45 P. Cordue S. Georgiou J. Bamberg
11.15 S. Linz R. Hoyte E. Swartz
11.45 P. Andersen N. Francetić S. Glasby
12.15 P. Kaemawichanurat D. Combe T. Popiel
12.45 Lunch
2.30 Stefan van Zwam Beyond total unimodularity
  Chair: D. Mayhew
3.30 Break
  CO122 AM102 AM104
  Chair: J. Oxley Chair: S. Georgiou Chair: M. Atkinson
4.00 B. Clark S. Herke D. Krenn
4.30 S. Jowett D. Horsley M. Albert
5.00 G. Whittle I. Wanless C. Greenhill
9.15 Simeon Ball The polynomial method in combinatorial geometry
  Chair: A. Devillers
10.15 Break
  CO122 AM102 AM104
  Chair: G. Whittle Chair: R. Coulter Chair: C. Greenhill
10.45 D. Bryant D. Roberson D. Best
11.15 I. Pivotto M. Conder V. Raass
11.45 T. Kalinowski M. Yan N. Cavenagh
12.15 M. Melhuish    
12.45 Lunch
2.30 Andrew Thomason Hypergraph containers and some applications
  Chair: G. Royle
3.30 Break
  CO122 AM102 AM104
  Chair: T. Britz Chair: A. Mani Chair: N. Cavenagh
4.00 P. Nelson D. Harvey T. Marbach
4.30 K. Shiromoto D. Wood J. Mahamendige
5.00 K. Stokes T. Garoni R. Stones
5.30 AGM of the CMSA
9.15 Sergey Norin Densities of minor-closed families
  Chair: D. Wood
10.15 Break
  CO122 AM102 AM104
  Chair: G. Farr Chair: P. Nelson Chair: I. Pivotto
10.45 A. Mani T. Britz N. Afzaly
11.15 D. West D. Hawtin N. Wormald
11.45 S. Mendan P. Ó Catháin X. Zha
12.15 Lunch
2.00 Conference excursion
9.15 Alice Devillers Tits' buildings as combinatorial objects
  Chair: J. Bamberg
10.15 Break
  CO122 AM102
  Chair: S. van Zwam Chair: M. Wilson  
10.45 M. Lee Y. Chen  
11.15 H. Crapo N. van Maastricht  
11.45 A. Žitnik L. Ham  
12.15 G. Steinke M. Smith  
12.45 Lunch
2.30 James Oxley A splitter theorem for internally 4-connected graphs and binary matroids
  Chair: G. Whittle
3.30 Break
  CO122 AM102
  Chair: J. McLeod Chair: J. Bamberg  
4.00 A. Glen G. Royle  
4.30 J. Simpson M. Jackson  
5.00 B. Smith C. Semple  
9.15 Jaroslav Nesetril Sparse versus dense
  Chair: M. Conder
10.15 Break
  CO122 AM102
  Chair: N. Wormald Chair: J. Simpson  
10.45 S. Zhou S. Zemljič  
11.15 G. Verret G. Farr  
11.45 T. Penttila K. Yoshimoto  
12.15 B. Sarma A. Kamibeppu  
12.45 Lunch
2.30 Mark Wilson Analytic combinatorics in several variables
  Chair: I. Wanless
3.30 Break
  CO122 AM102
  Chair: G. Royle    
4.00 H. Acan    
4.30 K. Ushio