Zealandia Tour

Zealandia is a eco-sanctuary in suburban Wellington. A 225 hectare valley has been surrounded by a predator-proof fence, 8.6 kilometres in length, so that the enclosed area can revert to a pre-human version of New Zealand forest. Wildlife in the sanctuary includes native insects and fish, as well 40 species of native birds, such as Kaka (forest parrots), Kereru (native pigeons), and Kiwi. You may also see a Tuatara, a species of reptiles that have lived in New Zealand since the time of the dinosaurs.

The conference excursion includes a 2 hour guided tour of Zealandia on Wednesday 3 December at 2.00pm. The cost of the tour is $43, and this price includes transport, entry into the sanctuary, and the guided tour. If you have NOT registered to attend this tour, you may do so at the registraton desk. Payment will need to be made on arrival at Zealandia or in cash to Emily Simons at the registration desk. You CAN NOT register on the morning of Wednesday 3 December. Mini vans chartered for this tour and we need confirmed numbers prior to the tour.

There is also an option to walk to Zealandia meeting, starting at 1.50pm in the Cotton Building carpark. Dillon Mayhew will be taking a walking group to Zealandia which will take approx 30mins.

You can take a virtual tour of Zealandia.

Excursion timetable
2.00 - 2.30pm Meet on Kelburn Parade in the Hunter Court yard
2.10 - 2.30pm Arrive Zealandia approx every 10mins
2.30pm Tour begins
4.30pm Tour ends
4.45pm Bus departs for Victoria University

Arrive Victoria University

Later for those that wish to walk back

  • Cotton Building to Zealandia Walking Map
    Cotton Building to Zealandia Walking Map.png