Contributed Talks

Contributed talks

Registrants are invited to submit an abstract for a contributed talk of 25 minutes duration (including time for questions).

Submission of abstracts

The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 21 November. To submit your abstract for a contributed talk, follow these steps:

  • Download the LaTeX template.
  • Follow the instructions in the template when completing it.
  • Save the file using the filename format Lastname-Firstname.tex.
  • Email the file to with the subject line '38ACCMCC abstract submission'.

The conference programme will be published after the deadline for abstract submission. You will receive an email acknowledgement when your abstract is accepted. If you require an acknowledgement with an official letterhead, for the purposes of visa or funding applications, then please email the organiser.

Submission of slides

You are encouraged to store the electronic slides for your talks on the 38ACCMCC dropbox folder. This will save having to load your slides from a USB device. You can deposit your slides in the folder by following the following instructions:

  • Name your file using the format Lastname-Firstname.pdf or Lastname-Firstname.ppt, or the equivalent.
  • Attach it to an email with the subject line '38ACCMCC slides' and send it to
  • You will receive a reply acknowledging your email.

If you choose to update your slides, you can repeat the same process, and the new file will be stored under a modified filename. Please bear in mind that if you send your slides to the dropbox folder, they can potentially be read by other attendees of the conference.

Presentation equipment

All the lecture theatres will be equipped with projectors for your digital slides, as well as either blackboards or whiteboards if you prefer to write. Contact the organiser if you require any other equipment.