The dates of the summer school are set for arrival on Monday 13 Jan 2020, with a welcome reception that evening, and lectures starting on Tuesday morning. Lectures would end at approximately 13:00 on Sunday 19th January 2020, followed by lunch, and then an afternoon departure.

The reception on Monday 13 Jan is scheduled to start at 17:00

Tentative Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9am-10am   Witten Witten Free Chrusciel de Rham Taubes
10am-11am Taubes Taubes Chrusciel de Rham Witten
11am-11:30am Morning Tea Morning Tea
11:30am-12:30pm Chrusciel Chrusciel de Rham Cvetic Witten
12:30pm-1:30pm de Rham Cvetic Cvetic Cvetic Discussion
1:30pm-2:30pm Lunch Lunch
3:00pm-4:00pm     Taubes  
4:00pm-5:00pm     Schucker  
Afternoon Free
Evening Reception   BBQ   Dinner  
More details TBA


  • Piotr Chrusciel, "Introduction to mass and energy in general relativity” (4 hours)
I will describe various approaches to the definition of total mass and energy in general relativity. We will discuss roads to the ADM mass from the perspective of Riemannian geometry, or from that of variational identities in spacetime. Ambiguities will be discussed, and alternative expression for the mass will be presented. The lectures will conclude with the introduction of the Trautman-Bondi mass, which describes the energy of the gravitational field in the radiation regime.
  • Mirjam Cvetic, "Properties of Black Holes in Supergravity and Superstring Theory” (4 hours)
    Lectures by Mirjam Cvetic

  • Claudia de Rham, "Gravity as an Effective Field Theory” (4 hours)
  • Thomas Schucker, "Gravitational birefringence of light?” (1 hour talk) Schucker.pdf

  • Clifford Taubes, "Introduction to the differential and geometric topology of 4-dimensional manifolds" (4 hours)
  • Edward Witten, "Light Rays, Singularities, and All That" (4 hours)
The paper at is recommended preparatory reading.
Witten-Lectures-Handout-Full.pdf: Ed Witten lectures --- full set of slides


Morning teas and lunch are provided (exception: Thursday, as this is a day for exploring the region). Furthermore, food is provided at the barbecue, the dinner, and the reception. Close to the beach (about 10-15min to the East) a range of options for meals can be found nearby the conference centre.