Bayesian Modelling and Analysis Research Group

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The Bayesian Modelling and Analysis group carries out research in advanced statistical modelling and Bayesian computation. Spatio-temporal modelling is a focal research area of the group. It involves developing data-driven statistical methods and applications for healthcare and fisheries modelling.

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Selected publications

  • Marsh C, Sibanda N, Dunn M, Dunn A. A Copula-based Habitat Preference Index in Fish Spatial Population Modelling. Procedia Environmental Sciences. 27: 2015, Pages 2–5

  • Sibanda N. Graphical model-based O/E control chart for monitoring multiple outcomes from a multi-stage healthcare procedure. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. doi:10.1177/0962280213519719

  • Collett D, Sibanda N, Pioli S, Bradley JA, Rudge CJ. 2009. The UK scheme for mandatory continuous monitoring of early transplant outcome in all kidney transplant centres. Transplantation, 88(8):970-975.

  • Sibanda N, Copley LP, Lewsey JD et al. Revision rates after primary hip and knee replacement in England and Wales between 2003 and 2006. PLoS Medicine 2008 Sep; 5(9) e179.