Bayesian Modelling and Analysis Research Group

Members and Collaborators

Members of the BMA RG comprise current and former research students, collaborators as well as the group leader Dr Nokuthaba Sibanda

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Current members

  • Kath Large - MSc, Population changes in rattail species on the Chatham Rise
  • Craig Marsh - MSc, Modelling spatio-temporal preferences for albacore tuna
  • Lindsay Morris - MSc, Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling using Gaussian Markov Random Fields
  • Loan Pham - Honours, Bayesian Disease Mapping
  • Max Schofield - MSc, Using catch-per-unit effort to solve spatial problems in Orange Roughy abundance estimates
  • Madeleine White - Research Assistant, Model assessment in Fisheries Modelling
  • Dr Lisa Woods - PhD, Bayesian estimation of a phenotype network structure using reversible jump MCMC

Prospective members

  • Doaa Ayad - PhD, Graphical model-based multi-variable process monitoring in healthcare


  • Alistair Dunn - Principal Scientist, Fisheries, NIWA
  • Matt Dunn - Chair in Fisheries Science, Victoria University of Wellington