Thinking About Math Honours?

Are you interested in maths beyond your Bachelor of Science or Arts? If so, then you should consider doing an Honours degree in 2021 or 2022.

Here are some FAQ and answers that may help you decide if you are interested:

What is the Honours degree?

A student with a BSc or BA can extend their knowledge by completing this one-year degree (2 trimesters) consisting of 90 points of coursework at 400 level, and 30 points of project work via MATH 489, or MATH 487 and 488.

What is the project about?

The project is an opportunity to work one-on-one with an academic on something open-ended. You will learn how to put together a long-ish report documenting your discoveries.

How do I find a supervisor for my project?

Start by talking to the lecturers whose courses you have enjoyed. Most staff are willing to supervise Honours projects. The Honours Coordinator can guide your search.

Why do Honours?

  • you like maths,
  • you are good at maths,
  • you like the idea of working on something open ended,
  • employers look for it,
  • it is a pathway for entrance to a PhD program, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Who can do Honours?

The entrance requirement is a Bachelor degree with a major in mathematics with at least a B+ average in your 300-level MATH courses.

What is the difference between Honours and a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics?

The diploma consists of 120 points of 400-level coursework (with no project requirement). The entry requirement of a B+ may be relaxed slightly.

What about the 2-year Master's?

The first year of a 2-year Master's consists of 120 points of 400-level course work. The second year consists of a 120-point research project. So the first year is like Honours or the Postgraduate Diploma. But if you decide not to continue with the Master after the first year, then you don’t get a degree.

How do I apply to do Honours?

You apply online at

What is the deadline to apply?

For trimester 1 in 2021 you need to apply by 20 January 2021. But you should talk to the Honours Coordinator well before this deadline.

More questions?

Contact the Honours Coordinator, Hung Pham. His e-mail is and his office is room 440 in the Cotton Building.