Marked assessments return requests

This page aims to help students request paper-based assessment items they have submitted during the academic year.

After an assessment item has been marked and delivered to the School Office, it will be made available for students to request access to.
Requests will be managed by the School Office and access to the assessment item will take into consideration: the weight of the assessment, the integrity of the appeal process and any other instructions given by the course coordinator. This might mean that, in some circumstances and during an initial reconsideration period, the student will only be able to view the original item under supervision. After that initial reconsideration period, students will be able to request to collect the original paper-based assessment item.

Final Assessments items ("Exams")

For final assessments undertaken during the official assessment period, following the end of the course, access will be given in two different stages:

1 - During an initial reconsideration period, students will only be allowed to view their original examination script under supervision. To view an examination item, students must book an available time slot.

book time.png

After the initial reconsideration period, students can request to collect the original paper script by submitting a request, as any other assessment item.

*Other assessments items*

For any paper-based assessment item submitted during the trimester teaching weeks, students can check the availability and type of access for their paper-based assessment items before submitting a request:

submit request.png

After submitting a request, students need to allow two working days for processing before viewing or collecting the assessment item from:

School Office (CO358)
Monday to Friday
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Disposal of assessment items

Student assessment items submitted during the academic year will be retained until the following dates, after which they will be disposed of:
  • 30 September for Trimester 1 courses
  • 28 February for Trimester 2 courses
  • 31 May for Trimester 3 courses