Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science Computing Resources

Courses in the School of Mathematics and Statistics may require that students have access to programming tools, mostly in R (through Rstudio) or Python (through Jupyter Notebooks).

Some courses require access to the iNZight software.

In almost all cases having access to a spreadsheet program (Excel, Open Office, Libre Office or Google Sheets) is also required.

The list below shows the courses and the programs they use.

Program Courses Notes
iNZight STAT 193, 392, 439 STAT 392, 439 require versions >=3.5; Mac+Linux users must use the online version
R, RStudio DATA 202, 301, 303, 471, 472, 473, 491, 501, MATH 277, STAT 292, 293, 391, 393, 394, 431, 432, 435, 438, 452  
Python COMP 132, 312, DATA 201, 301, 304, 471, 474, 492, ENGR 222, MATH 245 Use Jupyter Notebooks
SAS STAT 438 Use Enterprise Guide

  • All students in these courses who come to campus can access the required software through the student computers in the Cybercommons and the Library.
  • If Wellington moves to COVID Alert Level 3 or higher, the campus will close, and students will need alternative arrangements.
  • The easiest way to access these resources is to have your own Windows, Mac or Linux machine, and then install the necessary software.
  • Note that the version of the software you install may depend on the age of your machine. In almost all cases using an older software version will not matter.
  • Tablets are not good enough for installed versions. If you only have a tablet you'll need to use the online version of the relevant software - which may come at a cost.

All of the software we use is free to install or, in the case of Excel, SAS and SPSS, through a licence provided by the University. A full list of University licensed software is here.

Online versions may come at a cost.

Program Systems Installation Online Cost of online use Notes
Excel Windows, Mac Office 365     Comes with VUW student account
Open Office Windows, Mac, Linux Apache Open Office    
Libre Office Windows, Mac, Linux Libre Office    
Google Sheets     Google Sheets Free Need a gmail account
iNZight Windows only iNZight iNZight lite Free Mac and Linux users can only use the online version
R, RStudio Windows, Mac, Linux R; Rstudio Rstudio Cloud Minor use is free: US$5/month for additional use  
Python Windows, Mac, Linux Anaconda Google Colab
Try Jupyter
Free, need to maintain the connection to server  
Android Pydroid 3 Tried on school samsung tablets.
Mathematica Windows, Mac, Linux SAS     Comes with VUW student account
SAS Windows SAS     Comes with VUW student account
SPSS Windows, Mac SPSS     Comes with VUW student account

Staff software download page (Staff only)