Information for International and Migrant Students

This page contains useful information on resources available for International students and other newcomers. The aim of this page is to help students navigate undergraduate and postgraduate study in New Zealand.

Who to contact for advice

Within the School Petros Hadjicostas, Cotton 425,
Victoria International

International Student Advisors

Monday – Friday 10am and 4:30pm

To avoid a wait, please email to arrange an appointment


Student Visa

Monday 2 – 4pm

Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 12noon; 2 – 4pm

Friday 10am – 12noon



Monday and Thursday 2 – 4pm

Wednesday 10am – 12noon


Programmes for International Students

The Student Learning Support Service in conjunction with Vic International run a series of workshops aimed at helping students understand the expectations of Victoria's teachers and ways to meet those expectations. You can attend as many of these programmes as you like and you can attend even if you are a New Zealand resident.

These programmes are listed here: Programmes for International Students.

Student Learning Support Services (SLSS)

The SLSS offer a number of workshops for undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are listed on their website at:

Student Communities at Victoria