Graduate Labs

Note: - Our graduate labs are operating differently due to Covid-19. We are encouraging you to work from home during level 2 to ensure social distancing in the labs is possible. If you need to come into the office please practice social distancing and record your entry into the office using the QR codes. We have hygiene packs provided with face masks and sanitizer (please contact the office if these supplies run low). We encourage you to wear a mask where social distancing may be difficult (e.g. if your desk neighbour is also in the offce). If there is high demand for the labs or you have concerns about use, please let Caitlin know or use the form at the bottom of this page.

There are changes in our lab operations at each alert level. If you have any questions on what the current alert level means for operation of the graduate labs and School as a whole, please do not hesitate to ask us in the office.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics currently has two graduate labs that are available for postgraduate students to use.
  • CO437: For our mathematics students
  • CO540: For our statistics and data science students
While all postgraduate students have access to these labs, only MSc by Thesis and PhD students have workstations assigned to them. All other postgraduates need to make use of the hot-desking system. Hot-desks are marked with a sign stating that they are available for use. The number of hot-desks available will vary as the number of thesis students varys throughout the year. Respect others space - please keep noise, smells and general disruption to minimum in these rooms.

Please familiarise yourself with the rules and etiquette of the lab below.

Graduate Noticeboards

In the lobby outside each graduate lab, we have noticeboards containing various information that may be useful to you. These noticeboards are updated frequently. If you have naything you would like added to the noticeboard, feel free to enquire at the School Office. Notices include:
  • Job Opportunities
  • Scholarship Opprtunities
  • Upcoming conferences
  • Upcoming events


There is a printer in the lobby outside each of the graduate labs. To use the printer you will need your Student ID card to swipe in to your account. There is paper to refill the printers located nearby each machine. If there is no paper available, please contact the School Office. If there is a problem with the machines, email ECS Jobs. Make sure to include the Machines ID number, the location of the machine, a specific description of the problem - along with your contact details incase our techs need to follow up with you.


There are lockers available for use in the labs. You will need to apply for a locker using the application form. Once completed, someone from the office will be in touch to let you know what lockers are available for you to use. If there are no lockers available, you will be waitlisted and notified when one becomes available. Lockers are cleared out once a semester - if you are using a locker without confirming your registration, the padlock will be cut and locker cleared. There is no charge for having a locker, you only need to provide your own padlock.

CO437 has a total of 12 lockers, CO540 has a total of 20 lockers.

If you are done using your locker before the end of your current qualification, please notify the office that the locker is available again - there might be someone waiting to use it! At the end of your current qualification, the office will contact you to confirm if you will be moving out of the locker or if you will be starting a new graduate qualification and still need the locker space.

Rules of the lab space

The laboratories of the School of Mathematics and Statistics are provided to enable postgraduate students in completing their course work. As such, we have rules in place to ensure everyone can do their work in a productive environment with minimum disturbance.

These rules supplement the University-wide Student Conduct Statute and the Acceptable Use of Information System Statute.
  1. All users must be authorised to use this lab. They must be enrolled in a graduate programme with Mathematics, Statistics or Data Science or have authorization from the School Office to be in this lab.
  2. No unauthorized visitors – this includes undergraduates looking for tutor assistance.
  3. Lab users must be able to identify themselves when requested.
  4. Lab users must use their own ECS account, not someone else’s account.
  5. Noise must be kept to a minimum. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • No excessive, offensive or loud talking
    • No playing of audio from computers, laptops, music devices, phones (Use headphones)
    • Phones must be on silent, calls to be taken in the outside lobby area.
  6. Clean up after yourself. Excessive and unhygenic mess will be grounds for a warning. If there is excessive mess or waste left when you vacate your desk you may be charged for cleaning.
  7. Computers are to be used for coursework only.
    • No gaming is allowed in the labs
    • Personal printing jobs will be accepted but will incur a fee (10 cents per page in black and white, 20 cents per page in colour)
    • Coursework will always have priority over other approved lab users
  8. Do not distract others who are trying to do coursework. We encourage collaboration, but if discussion might disrupt others – please move to a social area or book one of our meeting rooms.
  9. No furniture is to be added to the lab (e.g. beds, sofas, refrigerators, microwaves, heaters, bokes etc.)
  10. Lab users must not attempt to subvert laboratory security (e.g. running password cracking or network snooping programmes – unless the appropriate approvals have been obtained).
  11. Users must not interfere with the computer or instrument hardware unless authorization has been obtained from the School.
    • Do not unplug the cables
    • Do not clear papers jams in the printer (email
    • Do not switch off the machines
  12. Do not lock the machines for long periods of time to reserve them. We do encourage you to lock the machine for short periods of time if you are briefly absent from the computer.
Additional health and safety rules may apply to different labs around campus (such as in the electronics labs). A tutor or school staff member should explain these rules to you before you are granted access to use the space.

Breaches of Lab Rules and Etiquette

All breaches of rules will be noted on your record. Each time there is a breach noted, you will be notified and advised on what needs to be done to address the matter.

First Offence: Offence logged on record, verbal warning issued

Second Offence: Offence logged on record, verbal and written warnings issued

Third Offence: Offence logged on record, meeting with Head of School

Fourth Offence: Offence logged on record, formal university disciplinary procedures initiated, access to the lab revoked

Having problems in the lab?

Do you have a question about the labs? Is someone disrupting the learning space? Or do you have general feedback?

Let us know here.