Entry Requirements for 100-level Mathematics and Statistics Courses

Entry levels

At present there are three levels of entry to Mathematics and Statistics courses at Victoria University. For further advice on entry to Mathematics or Statistics courses, contact the School Office.

Advanced and gifted students

Advanced and gifted students may be granted direct entry to 200-level courses. This applies to very few students. Entry is at the discretion of the appropriate programme director.

Well prepared calculus students

Well prepared calculus students may enroll directly to MATH 142 (Calculus 1B). To do this you will need at least 18 credits of NCEA Level-3 Calculus or its equivalent, preferably with some at Merit or Excellence. Otherwise MATH 141 (Calculus 1A) is required for entry into MATH 142.

Reasonably well prepared students

Reasonably well prepared students who have gained 16 NCEA Level-3 mathematics credits are given direct entry to MATH 141 (Calculus 1A), MATH 151 (Algebra), MATH 161 (Discrete Mathematics and Logic), and STAT 131 (Probability and Decision Modelling), with the proviso that for entry into STAT 131), at least 12 of your credits should be from the Calculus domain.

Less well prepared students

Less well prepared students are given entry to MATH 132 (Introduction to Mathematical Thinking) and STAT 193 (Statistics for Natural and Social Sciences). A pass in MATH 132 gives entry into MATH 141, MATH 151, MATH 161 and STAT 131.

Note that, although less well prepared students are given entry to STAT 193 and MATH 132, if your background is extremely weak then a lot of work may be required. Support is given to assist students prepared to put in this work.

Note also that MATH 103 and MATH 104 will be offered for the last time in the summer trimester 2008-2009. A pass in MATH 103 gives entry into STAT 131 and MATH 141, a B pass or higher in MATH 103 gives entry to MATH 142, and a pass in MATH 104 gives entry into MATH 151 and MATH 161.