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Lorentzian Wormholes --- from Einstein to Hawking

Four-hundred page technical monograph.

American Institute of Physics Press.

First printing (hardback) July 1995.

Second printing (paperback) August 1996.

Third printing (paperback) October 1997.

Fourth printing (paperback) April 2002.

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Artificial Black Holes. (with Mário Novello and Grigori Volovik)

Three-hundred and eighty page survey of analogue models for general relativity.

Chapters by: Brandon Carter, George Chapline, Luis Garay, Ted Jacobson, Tatsuhiko Koike, Robert Laughlin, Ulf Leonhardt, Mário Novello, Renaud Parentani, Haret Rosu, David Santiago, Michael Stone, David Santiago, Bill Unruh, Matt Visser, and Grigori Volovik.

(World Scientific Press, Singapore, 2002). ISBN: 981-02-4807-5; 1st edition (15 October 2002).

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