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The quantum physics of chronology protection.

Survey of the current status of Stephen Hawking's ``chronology protection conjecture''. e-Print Archive: gr-qc/0204022.

The future of theoretical physics and cosmology;

See also: CUP website;

Proceedings of the conference held in honour of Stephen Hawking on the occasion of his 60'th birthday. Held at Cambridge University, 7--10 January 2002. Edited by: Gary Gibbons, Stuart Rankine; Paul Shellard. ISBN: 0521820812 (Cambridge University Press, October 2003). See pages 161--176.

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  • Birefringence versus bimetricity.

(with Carlos Barceló and Stefano Liberati)

Contribution to the Festschrift in honour of Professor Mário Novello. e-Print Archive: gr-qc/0204017.

Inquiring the Universe Essays to celebrate Professor Mario Novello jubilee (Frontier Group, 2003) ISBN 2914601085

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  • Generic wormhole throats.

(with David Hochberg)

e-Print Archive: gr-qc/9710001

Fifty page survey of energy conditions in wormhole physics. In: The Internal Structure of Black Holes and Spacetime Singularities, Edited by: L.M. Burko and A. Ori, (Institute of Physics press, Bristol, 1997). See pages 249--295. See pages 397--429.

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