Academic Office Hours.png Academic office hours list should be present in their office doors or in the calendar link provided in their profile.
ECS Help and Advice
ECS Staff Contact
Office Hours of SMS Academics
SMS Staff Contact
Course List.png The undergraduate ECS and SMS courses are also available in a timetable view. For SMS undergraduate and postgraduate prospectus, visit the Academic Course List or download the PDF version below.
SMS Undergraduate Course List
SMS Postgraduate Course List
Undergraduate - Degree & Qualification
Postgraduate - Degree & Qualification
ECS Student Room Booking.png ECS students are allowed to book a room for meetings. You are allowed to book the room from 1 to 2 hours' maximum per week, Monday to Friday between 8:30am-4:55pm. A booking will not be finalised until approved by a ECS/SMS office staff member.
242A and 242B Meeting Rooms
Exam Script Return.png Please complete the Exam Script Return Form. If you are applying to have your original examination script returned, you will not received your script until after the following dates for any year.
• First Trimester Courses: 31 August
• Second Trimester and Full Year courses: 31 January
• Third Trimester courses: 30 April
Get Help with Technical Problems.png The best way to get help, or to get things fixed if they are broken is to email a bug report to the programmers at For general queries or request (software installation, changing file access permissions, user accounts issues, etc.) please email
Writing a Good Bug Report or Job Request
1. A descriptive subject line.
2. Provide a brief explanation of the problem. What computer you were using when the problem occured.
3. Provide your ECS/SMS username and student ID.
Group Study Room.png There are several group study rooms available for you to use across our libraries. Rooms are bookable using our group study room online booking system. You can book a room for a maximum of two hours per day.
Group Study Room Booking
Bookable study rooms are available in the Kelburn Library, Rankine Brown Building
Help Desk Online Learning.PNG This trimester we are running Mathematics Help Desks at a constant time (12-2pm) thru zoom.
Make a one-to-one appointment with the Maths and Statistics adviser.
Student Learning offers the same support to distance students as to our on-campus students.
Find out how we can support you, visit the Remotely Supporting You.
ITS Student Support.png ITS provides technology support for a range of things such as wirelss networks and internet, printing, emails and software. You can contact ITS through the service desk or email
Accessing Student Email
Wireless Networks and Internet
Personal Device Support
Lost Property.png From time to time, items left in lectures, computer labs, (e.g. USB sticks, ID) are handed into the School Office (CO358). Call in if you think the item may be yours or visit Student Union and the Library.
Student Union
Level 4, Gate 1 Kelburn, Phone 04 63 6716 x 6716
The Library
Level 1, Rankine Brown, Kelburn
myTools for Students.png Find and manage the information, systems and tools you need while studying at Victoria University of Wellington. myTools is where you can manage your online record, check your student email, sign up for tutorials, and access Blackboard.
myTools for students
Online Submission System.png The online submission is for students to submit assignments and other assessments online. This is where you will be able to see your marks and feedback. You need to log-in to your ECS account to access the system.
ECS Online Submission System
Online Applications
Student ID Cards.png Once you've enrolled, apply for your Student ID before you start at Victoria University of Wellington. If you lose yours you can get a replacement for a small fee.
Student ID Cards
Student Services  Support.png Find out about the wide range of support available to Victoria University of Wellington students. If you run into a problem, there's someone to help.
Student services and support link
Extend your Learning
Stay Well
Student Services (A-Z)
International Student Support

Faculty of Science

The team of Faculty of Science provides administration support to undergraduate and postgraduate studies. For drop in appointments and advices, weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm (from 9:30am on Tuesdays). During summer the office will close at 3:00pm each day. To request a meeting between 3pm and 5pm, please email us on

Academic Transcript.PNG When you’ve completed a qualification at Victoria University of Wellington, you’ll receive a free digital copy of your academic transcript through the myeQuals platform.

Read about accessing your transcripts, document security, and how to share transcripts on our myeQuals page.
Course Add Withdraw.PNG Add/drop courses using the course Add/Drop tool in Student Records or visit your Faculty office. The course Add/Drop tool is not available for some courses. You will need to visit your Faculty office if this applies to you.

Withdrawing from a course may impact your eligibility for a student loan and allowance (including retrospectively). If you are an international student, withdrawing from a course may impact your eligibility to hold a student visa, especially if you fall below the required course load for full time study.

If you are enrolled in a course with a final examination, then you have an obligation to be available to sit that examination at any time during the examination period.

For examination periods see timetables information.

Student  Academic Services.PNG Student Advisors are your first point of contact for administrative support throughout your study, including admission requirements, degree planning, changing courses and transfer of credit from other tertiary institutions. They also deal with enrolment, organise exams and maintain student records.

For International Students, information on studying with us see Wellington University International.

The Associate Dean (Undergraduate) and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) are available for help with academic programmes and other issues.

Academic Transcript.PNG Are you ready for exams.PNG Student ID Cards.PNG
Student and Academic Services.PNG Withdrawing from a course.PNG Undergraduate.png BSc.pngBE Hons.pngPostgraduate.png
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