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ALERT! This person can no longer be contacted through the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Victoria University of Wellington

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I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics at Victoria University of Wellington. My PhD thesis was done under the supervision of Rod Downey and Noam Greenberg in the field of algorithmic information theory. Here is a short CV.


  1. Indifferent sets for genericity, submitted.
  2. Process and truth-table characterizations of randomness, submitted.
  3. Randomness for non-computable measures, with Joseph Miller (University of Wisconsin-Madison), to appear in the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, (updated on 28 March 2011 to correct an error in one of the proofs).
  4. Increasing the gap between Descriptional Complexity and Algorithmic Probability, (updated 24 August 2009) to appear in the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. (A conference version of this paper was published in the the proceedings of the 24th Annual IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity (2009).)
  5. The Computable Lipschitz degrees of c.e. sets are not dense, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Vol 161, Issue 12, September 2010, Pages 1588-1602.
  6. Ergodic-type characterizations of algorithmic randomness, with Laurent Bienvenu (Université de Paris 7), Ilya Mezhirov (Technical University of Kaiserslautern ) and Alexander Shen (Université d'Aix-Marseille 1), 6th Conference on Computability in Europe (CiE 2010), LNCS 6158, pp 49-58, 2010.
  7. On Process Complexity, Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 2010, Issue 4, June 2010.
  8. On the Computational Power of Random Strings, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Vol 160, Issue 2, August 2009, Pages 214-228.