Parameterized Complexity for Practical Computing Workshop

Wednesday July 25th 2018
Venue: Victoria University, Cotton Building, Room CO350


Time Description
9-9.30am Arrival - Tea, Coffee, Muffins
9.30am - 10.30am

Welcome, followed by keynote presentation from Prof. Michael Fellows:

“The basics of parameterized complexity; origins in graph minor theory and well quasi-ordering; and the wqo functor project.”


Presentation from Peter Shaw:

“Game Theory and the Human Trafficking Dilemma.”


Presentation from Simone Linz:

“On the parameterized complexity of reconstructing phylogenetic networks.”


Presentation from Jens Dietrich:

“Making it worse to make it better: A case study on how to design a fast algorithm for static program analysis.”

11.45-12.15pm Light lunch/sustenance - CO350
12.15-12.40pm Presentation from Fran Rosamond:

“An FPT mystery: Improving the Diameter of a Planar Graph.”

12.40-1.05pm Presentation from Ljiljana Brankovic:

“Parameterized Approximation Algorithms for 3-Hitting Set.”


Presentation from Kamran Najeebullah:

“Complexity of Optimally Defending and Attacking a Network”


Presentation from Peter Shaw:

“Turbo charging heuristics: adjusting the parameters for optimum performance.”

2-3pm Substantial second lunch/discussions (at Milk and Honey, next to “The Hub”)

Presentation from Catherine McCartin:

“Combining FPT with heuristics: network augmentation strategies for target set selection.”


Presentation of open problems from different areas:

David Bryant, Michael Fellows, Fran Rosamond, Peter Shaw, Simone Linz

followed by collaborative discussion of one or two selected problems:

lead by Prof. Michael Fellows

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