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Welcome to the wiki page for STAT 292 Applied Statistics 2A. This page provides some minimal information about the course, along with a link to the course outline. Generally information will be posted on Blackboard, so please check the STAT 292 Blackboard page regularly. Also, please note there is a link to the STAT 292 Blackboard page in the menu on the left of this wiki page.

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Changes to assessment and course delivery in 2020, due to COVID-19
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NZ government decided to enter lockdown from midnight on Wednesday 25 March 2020, initially for a 4-week period. The University's response to the pandemic was to implement a 5-week delay in Trimester 1 teaching, from Tuesday 24 March until Tuesday 28 April.

In the re-scheduled Trimester 1, weeks 4 through 12 inclusive (Tuesday 28 April to Friday 26 June), all lectures and tutorials will be delivered online and all assessment will be submitted online. There will be no face-to-face tests or exams and there is no separate exam period.

Once teaching restarts online (on Tuesday 28 April), there will be a number of Zoom sessions each week for STAT 292: lectures, tutorials and helpdesks.
For security reasons the Zoom Meeting ID codes will be available on the STAT 292 Blackboard page and all further updates will be posted there.

For the Zoom Meeting ID codes see the following sections of the STAT 292 Blackboard Course Menu.
Week 4 to 9 Lectures: see the introductory information for each week's lectures in "Lecture recordings, Part 2, Weeks 4 to 9".
Tutorials and Helpdesks: "Tutorial and Helpdesk Times and Zoom Meeting IDs - Online".

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Welcome to STAT 292 (notice posted 23/2/2020)
Lectures begin Tuesday 3 March at 12:00-12:50pm in Lecture Theatre 101, Maclaurin building, MC LT101; see you there smile

Course Outline

Here is the STAT 292 Course Outline 2020.

Class Representative

The STAT 292 class representatives for 2020 are Annie Liang and Denny Stamenov. Contact details for both class reps are available on Blackboard (for privacy reasons). Thanks to Annie and Denny for volunteering to do that job.
If any member of the class has an issue which they want to raise with the lecturer/course coordinator, but don't feel comfortable in doing so themselves, Annie or Denny can raise that issue on their behalf. It is also appropriate to channel feedback through Annie or Denny, to the class lecturers, if desired. Such feedback will be appreciated.

Class Facebook Page

The class rep team have set up a Facebook page for students in the course to discuss items of interest (thanks, Annie and Denny). It is linked here:

Please note that this Facebook page is NOT an official Victoria University site. If you have questions that you want the lecturer or Course Coordinator to answer, please email them directly.