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  • Zoom meeting Thanks for all turning up at the Zoom meeting. I'm now pretty confident that we can make the technology work for lectures in the future.

  • Project Questions Geoff will be available on Tuesday 7th, 14th, 21st April 9-10am on Zoom for any questions about the project. Indeed, we could use this time to have general discussion about the project.

Covid 19 Plans

  • General Clarity has finally emerged about how the course will run. Details follow.

  • Lectures will be run by Zoom at the usual lecture times. You will receive an invitation to join a Zoom meeting. The first lecture will be on Tuesday 28 April at 9am. Lectures will be placed on Blackboard in the same way that current lectures are.

  • Tutorials Meenu will arrange the Zoom meeting and send you an invitation.

  • Assignments will be handed in online. Assignment 3 is still the current assignment and will be due on Friday May 1.

  • Assessment The assessment will be as follows. Assignments 10%; first terms test 30%; second terms test 30%, quiz 10%, project 20%.

  • Terms Tests Each terms test will be a 50 minute test. The first terms test will be held on Friday May 8 and the second on Friday 12 June. Terms tests will be available on Blackboard for the whole day. Once you have downloaded them you will have one hour to complete the test and upload it to Blackboard. We will conduct a trial test a few weeks before to test the technology.

  • The Quiz will be held on Friday 26 June and will cover material taught in the last two weeks of term. It will be conducted in the same way as the terms tests except that you will have 30 minutes between download and upload.

  • The Project This is completely new. You will be asked to research a topic on graph theory and write a report on it. You will have an opportunity to work on the project during the current lockdown. Details on the project will appear in the Assignment section below. The project will be due on Friday June 5; that is, three weeks before term ends.

  • Geoff's Office Hours When teaching commences my office hours for this course are 10-11am on Monday, Tuesday and Friday; that is, the hour after the lecture. I will probably leave the Zoom meeting open. More details later.

  • Hang in there! I think the government has done the right thing. There is a chance that we will escape the worst of it. In fact mathematics can help. Arthur Koestler, who wrote the classic book Darkness at Noon, was for some time a political prisoner in Russia. He claims that thinking about mathematics kept him sane while he was in solitary confinement. His most exciting time was when he managed to rediscover the proof that there are infinitely many primes! I genuinely believe that working on an intellectually demanding subject like mathematics can help us get through difficult times.

Course Information

  • General course information is available here Of course, much of this information will now be out of date.

  • Lectures are Monday 9am EALT206, Tues 9am EALT206 and Friday 9am via Zoom.

  • The tutorial is Thursday 9amam in via Zoom.

  • Geoff's office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 10 to 11am.

  • Assignments. There will be 10 weekly assignments. They are due Friday 5pm. Assignments will become available on the website at least 8 days before they are due.

  • Paper Free This is a paperless course. All course materials will be placed on the website in advance of the lecture. Assignments will be placed on the website at least a week before they are due. BY necessity, the course has now become very paperless smile

Graph Theory Notes

1. The Basics
2. Trees
3. Connectivity
4. Planar Graphs. Basics and Planar Duals
5. Planar Graphs. Euler's Formula and Kuratowski's Theorem

Graph Theory Slides

These are slide versions of the notes in case you find them easier to read.
1. The Basics
2. Trees
3. Connectivity Part 1
3. Connectivity Part 2
4. Planar Graphs. Basics and Planar Duals
5. Planar Graphs. Euler's Formula and Kuratowski's Theorem

Assignments and Project

The Project
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3

Assignments will contain a diverse mix of questions of different levels of difficulty. A student who attends tutorials and lectures and makes a serious attempt at the assignments should be able to successfully solve at least half of the questions. But other questions will be included that may at times challenge even the most determined student.

Assignments will be graded using the S/U system. This means that, as well as being awarded a mark you will be awarded an S or a U. Each S counts as 1 towards the maximum of 10 points for assignments. Each U counts as 0. An S is awarded if the marker believes that you have made a serious attempt at the assignment.

Tests and Exams

Terms Test 1, 2019 with some comments.
Terms Test 2, 2019 with some comments.
Terms Test 1, 2017
Terms Test 2, 2017
Terms Test 1, 2018
Terms Test 2, 2018 with some comments
The 2017 exam
The 2018 exam

Class representative


University policies and statutes

It is worthwhile becoming familiar with the following information. Other relevant policies can be found at the academic policy website.

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