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Solutions to the two 2019 tests are on the Solutions page.

Here is the enumeration test from 2018.


This is the course homepage for MATH261: Discrete Mathematics 2, Trimester 1, 2020.

MATH261 covers graph algorithms and enumeration. Graph theory is the mathematical study of networks, such as electrical networks, or social networks. In algorithmic graph theory, we study computer procedures that answer questions about graphs. Enumeration is the mathematics of counting objects.

All information relating to the course will be found here. That includes copies of the course notes, copies of lecture slides, assignments and solutions, tutorial timetables.

Table of contents

Course Information

  • Assessment is based on weekly assignments, two tests, and a three-hour examination. There will be ten weekly assignments, but the last one will not be assessed. In order to receive any credit for your completed assignments, you must hand in at least 8 out of the 9 assessed assignments.

  • If you do not hand in at least 8 out of the 9 assignments, your final grade will be calculated as the maximum of the following two options.
    • 100% of the exam mark
    • 70% of the exam mark and 30% of the average test mark
  • If you do hand in 8 out of 9 assignments, then your final grade will calculated as the maximum of four options: the two above, and the following two.
    • 91% of the exam mark and 9% of the average assignment mark
    • 61% of the exam mark, 30% of the average test mark, and 9% of the average assignment mark

Lecture timetable

There are three lectures a week.

  • Monday 10.00am MYLT220
  • Tuesday 10.00am HULT220
  • Thursday 10.00am MYLT220


  • There are two tests.
    • Test 1 is at 6.00pm on Tuesday 31st March in CO122.
    • Test 2 is at 6.00pm on Tuesday 19 May in CO122.

Office Hours

  • Rod Downey is available after each lecture on Mondays and Thursdays, and other times by request. He is happy for someone to see him whenever he is in.

  • Dan Turetsky is available 1-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and other times by request. He is happy for people to knock on his door whenever he is in.

Course Notes

Course notes

Lecture Slides

Slides from lectures



Assignments will be made available on this site, and hard copies can be collected in lectures. You will submit your assignments via the Submission System maintained by the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

You can access your marks and graded assignment at




Tutorials begin in the second week of the trimester.

No permission to view Courses/MATH261_2020T1.HowFullTutsAre

Please sign up for a tutorial at MyAllocator.

You are encouraged to attend as many tutorials as like. You should go to at least one a week.

Class Representative

The class representative for MATH261 is Teagan Wilson

Facebook group

Here is the MATH261 facebook group. Thanks Teagen for setting this up.

University policies and statutes

It is worthwhile becoming familiar with the following information. Other relevant policies can be found at the academic policy website.

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