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Tests 1 and 2 can be found on the link below.

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Here are the solutions

Test 1 Solutions
Test 2 Solutions
Here are the graph test solutions from 2019. I emphasise that the test this year won't have too much bookwork on it, as it seems inappropriate. So this is not necessarily that helpful.

Note: New hand in days for assignments 4 and 5.


This is the course homepage for MATH261: Discrete Mathematics 2, Trimester 1, 2020.

MATH261 covers graph algorithms and enumeration. Graph theory is the mathematical study of networks, such as electrical networks, or social networks. In algorithmic graph theory, we study computer procedures that answer questions about graphs. Enumeration is the mathematics of counting objects.

All information relating to the course will be found here. That includes copies of the course notes, copies of lecture slides, assignments and solutions, tutorial timetables.

Table of contents

Course Information

*ASSESSMENT (REVISED) Assessment is based on weekly assignments and three tests. There will be ten weekly assignments, but the last one will not be assessed. In order to receive any credit for your completed assignments, you must hand in at least 8 out of the 9 assessed assignments.

  • If you hand in all 9 assignments, and they are acceptable (meaning at least 8/20) you will receive 10%, and then the grade is calculated by adding the three tests, each worth 30%

  • If you fail to hand in at least 8 of the assignments, your grade will be calculated by adding the three tests each worth 33%.

  • Details are below.

  • The take home exams/terms tests will be on the 5th May, 2 June, and 16th June.

  • Students will fill out a standard form saying that they will do the exam in good faith.

  • We will distribute tests on the morning of dates above using the class mailing list, Blackboard and the class Wiki.

  • You will have at most 2 hours to complete, but will leave the submission open for 4 hours (and longer if students have special circumstances in consultation with the lecturer/coordinator).

  • You will submit using our standard online submission portal we have set up on blackboard.

  • You will submit using this submission process for assignments. The exams will be formatted so that they can be filled out on the actual exam, or printed and scanned/photo-ed and submitted as a jpeg(s).

  • CLARIFICATION ON WORKLOADS: Assignments: You are given the weekly assignment which are both formative and summative, and only need a good effort to gain a point each. Terms Tests: Note that the original assessment plan had two terms test and a 3 hour final. The terms tests were originally 2 hours each but really they were 1 hour and the students given 2 hours so that there would be no time problems for those who needed more time to do the work. The final exam was cumulative whereas each test is now only for the material covered. The actual time a reasonable student should need for each test should be around an hour, so this means that with the revised plan there is significantly less summative assessment than previously. (Originally 5 hours for which they are given 7, and now 3 hours for which they are given 6 and more if they need it.)

The tests will cover the time periods of the preceding weeks, since the last assessment item. So the material assessed on 5th May, for example, will not be re-assessed.

Lecture timetable

There are three lectures a week. For the Downey's half the remaining ones will be done by Zoom. All of Dan's will be done by Zoom.

  • Monday 10.00am
  • Tuesday 10.00am
  • Thursday 10.00am


Office Hours

  • Rod Downey is available Monday at 1.00 where he will be available for tutorial questions, for the first half and otherwise by e-mail arrangement. a

  • Dan Turetsky will host a standard zoom meeting on Mondays at 1 for tutorial questions, starting when he takes over the course. Other meeting times can be arranged by email.

Course Notes

Course notes

Lecture Slides

Slides from lectures



Assignments will be made available on this site, and hard copies can be collected in lectures. You will submit your assignments via the Submission System maintained by the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

You can access your marks and graded assignment at




Tutorials begin in the second week of the trimester.

No permission to view Courses/MATH261_2020T1.HowFullTutsAre

Please sign up for a tutorial at MyAllocator.

You are encouraged to attend as many tutorials as like. You should go to at least one a week.

Class Representative

The class representative for MATH261 is Teagan Wilson

Facebook group

Here is the MATH261 facebook group. Thanks Teagen for setting this up.

University policies and statutes

It is worthwhile becoming familiar with the following information. Other relevant policies can be found at the academic policy website.

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